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Best Private USA proxy Provider. Where to Buy the Best Private Proxies for SEO Shenanigans

11.08.2022 в 16:49

Best Private USA proxy Provider. Where to Buy the Best Private Proxies for SEO Shenanigans

Proxies and their role in the SEO world seems to confuse quite a few people. This makes finding the best place to buy private proxies and not get ripped off quite difficult. Since most proxy providers come off a bit shady regardless of their legitimacy, it becomes difficult to find the best solution out there. Because let’s face it, most activities that go along with proxies aren’t very legitimate.

I have personally used almost every proxy provider in the game but still wanted to run a comparison test and put any confusion to rest. For the test I purchased brand new fresh sets of 10 private proxies from the top 4 providers out there. Using ScrapeBox, I ran the exact same sets of queries on the same settings and thread count to determine which proxies were the absolute fastest.

Then I turned up the heat (thread count) to see which would get banned the quickest. Before diving into the actual experiment and resulting data, let’s quickly go over exactly whatare and what their use is for the noobs out there.

What Private Proxies are and why we need them for our SEO Shenanigans:

The world of proxies has always been a bit of a grey area and most providers tend to look the other way with whatever shenanigans happen to go on with their proxies.

Best Private USA proxy Provider. Where to Buy the Best Private Proxies for SEO ShenanigansThat is the beauty of proxies, you can do things you would otherwise not be able to accomplish from one IP. Proxies enable the SEO to simulate requests for running searches or registering multiple accounts appear to be coming from different locations, thus making them seem unique.

In reality though, it’s your neighborhood SEO scraping big data along with all kinds of other weird shit.

The applications for proxies are quite extensive, but these are the main purposes:

  • Harvesting data from Google
  • Registering multiple accounts on the same site
  • Running Scrapebox
  • Running GSA Search Engine Ranker
  • Checking search engine rankings
  • Various types of spamming in online communities
  • Malicious activities using proxies for anonymity

Ok now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s move onto my analysis.

Here are the top providers I compared purchasing a set of 10 private proxies from each in descending order of price:After signing up, all of the proxies were live and active within about 30 minutes.

My first area of testing was to run the same set of queries with each proxy set and time it.

I set to retrieve 100 results per query with max connections at 1 considering the small set of 10 being used (typically I scrape with 100).

Here are the keywords I used which all have at least 100 results.

The results are pretty interesting for harvester speed.

Best Private USA proxy Provider. Where to Buy the Best Private Proxies for SEO Shenanigans

1st Place – Squidproxies.com – Scraped all 1,000 URLs in 0:42 seconds 2nd Place – PowerupHosting.com – Scraped 985 urls in 1:02 seconds 3rd Place – BuyProxies.org – Scraped all 1.000 total URLs in 1:22 seconds 4th Place – Myprivateproxy.net – Scraped only 700 urls in 2:42 seconds

SquidProxies takes it as the best proxy service with speed and overall efficiency.

Yes, I was quite blow away as I was previously using BuyProxies for the last year or so. After the initial results I even waited a couple hours and retested and averaged the times. They were very close. We also need to keep in mind that these guys often provide different sets of proxies which vary in quality. So you can usually file a ticket and get a replacement set which would change my results, this is just based off the first set I received.

The final test was to pummel the shit out of these proxies with the site: search operators and see which could withstand the heat for the longest.

Those and inurl: tend to piss Google off the most so it’s perfect for intentionally getting the proxies banned.

The results of the proxy beatdown session:

Poor testing method.

The faster proxies were banned the quickest since they checked more urls in a shorter time frame. The slower proxies take for ever to load each thread so the banning takes a bit longer. This is the only conclusion I can draw, if you know more about this, please comment below.

Private proxy list. How does it work?

It is quite simple if the Internet request is raised then the proxy server look for the address in its local cache, if the address is found then it returns the same to the user. If the address is not available in the local cache then it requests the page to the server using its own IP address, if the page is returned then the proxy server returns the same to the user and saves it to it local cache for future reference.

Again it’s a technology so it can be a boon or bane. For an enterprise, the proxy servers are used for administrative controls and caching services but for the personal computing purpose, it is used for anonymous surfing.

There are various types of proxy servers available:

Forward Proxy: Forward proxy forwards the requests of the user to the web server and the users can directly access the web page by changing their internet settings. It also allows the firewall which increases the privacy and security.

Reverse Proxy: Reverse proxies handles the requests for the users on the destination servers which help to access the website when it disallows the connections to the servers. Reverse proxies also disable the users to view some websites because of illegal content.

There is the list of anonymous proxies listed below in the post.

Transparent proxies: Transparent proxies are also stated as the proxies with the centralized traffic. It is used in the corporate networks, where the proxy is associated with the separate network which apart it from the external network. It also acts as a firewall which is used to scan the data for the security purpose before delivering the request of the user to the network. These proxies are helpful for the corporate to administer the traffic on the network because the corporate devices are generally safe and they should be intruded to perform the mundane tasks.

DNS Proxies: DNS proxies are generally used to forward the domain name service requests from the user’s LAN to the internet DNS which is cached for the enhanced user speed reduction.

Highly anonymous proxies: Highly anonymous proxies are generally used by the clients who hide their IP address. This type of proxies generally presents the non-proxy IP address. Not only they hide the IP address of the client but it also allows the access to the sites that block proxy servers.

Socks 4 and 5 proxies: Socks proxies comes with the Socks protocol which looks for the DNS operations to the web traffic.

Источник: https://lajfhak.ru-land.com/stati/best-dedicated-proxies-use-2022-best-value-money

Dedicated proxy. Top Dedicated Proxies Providers

In addition to strengthening your online security, proxies can also be used for a wide variety of other purposes. A few examples include web scraping, accessing geo-locked content, SEO research, web marketing, bulk account creation, and many more. Although some of these services are available for free, I strongly suggest looking into the premium options because they’re a lot more reliable.

  • Smartproxy – Cheap, fast, and extremely reliable private dedicated proxies with instant setup.
  • Storm Proxies – Lots of features to work with, including three different methods of IP rotation.
  • My Private Proxy – MPP Group has been providing reliable proxy services for nearly a decade.
  • High Proxies – A versatile dedicated proxies provider that offers great prices for bulk purchases.
  • Squid Proxies – A bit more expensive than some of its direct competitors but still good value.
  • Proxy-n-VPN – This is a very good option if you’re looking for reliable data center dedicated proxies.
  • SSL Private Proxy – Great discounts to customers who subscribe for several months in advance.
  • YourPrivateProxy – Another decent option if you’re looking to purchase dedicated proxies in bulk.

Remember – Each of the companies on this list specializes in certain types of services. We took that into account, along with a number of other factors, when compiling this list. Make sure to check out all our picks because your ideal proxy provider might not be at the top of the list.