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The best Dedicated proxies to Use in 2022. Best Value for the Money

07.08.2022 в 02:11

The best Dedicated proxies to Use in 2022. Best Value for the Money

The best Dedicated proxies to Use in 2022. Best Value for the Money

While Luminati takes the seat as the overall best proxy provider, Smartproxy comes in as our best residential proxy provider, and this is not without reasons. They are as effective as Luminati for most use cases, and they even surpass Luminati in some of our tests. With proxies from Smartproxy, you can overcome IP-based restrictions in other to scale up your marketing efforts.

Not Just residential proxies, smartproxy also provide Dedicated datacenter proxies from the US, which allow you to have full control over your IPs

One thing you will come to likeis that it has flexible pricing that accommodates both small marketers as well as big corporations. Creating an account and integrating their proxies into your service is easy – and they will quickly help you out if need be.

Pros of Smartproxy:

  • Proxies are premium residential proxies
  • Over 40 million IPs from about 195 countries
  • Flexible pricing for small and big marketers
  • Compatible for most proxy use cases
  • Integration easy
  • Perfect customer support
  • Provides a 3-day money guarantee

    Flexible Pricing

With Smartproxy, you can get the best value for your money even though there is a bandwidth usage limit depending on the plan you subscribe to. One thing you will come to like about Smartproxy is that even though it can be as effective as, you can get started with using their proxies with just $75 as opposed to Luminati that you will need a minimum of $500.

    Excellent Location Support With Large IP Pool Size

Another feature you will come to like about the Smartproxy service is their support for many locations. According to the information available on their website, they have proxies in about 195 countries, supporting almost all big cities. Interestingly, they match this up with a large pool as they have over 40 million residential IPs, which you can use without getting blocked.

    Completely free tools & Apps

Smartproxy offers some fantastic free tools that help you easily integrate with their proxies, such as X Browser,, Firefox, and Chrome browser extensions. You can also get code integrations in 6 programming languages on Smartproxy’s GitHub.

    Proxy Address Generator

Smartproxy has support for proxy address generation. It is a rotating proxy service with millions of IP addresses. However, you might need a proxy list to make use of instead of them rotating proxies for you on their end. With the Smartproxy Proxy Generator tool, you can dynamically generate proxy lists with your active Smartproxy subscription.

High quality proxies. HTTP Proxy

As the name suggests, this type of proxy only supports the HTTP protocol and is suitable for browsing the web and downloading files from web services running on the standard TCP port 80. HTTP proxies are not suitable for browsing a site that only works over the secure SSL protocol . HTTP proxies cannot be chained. From the point of view of ensuring anonymity, depending on the content of the sent HTTP headers, proxy servers of this type are divided into:

  • Highly anonymous (elite) proxies. Highly anonymous proxy servers do not embed client and proxy information in HTTP headers. Thus, the server will not be able to determine the client's real IP address and the fact that the client is using a proxy server in general. Highly anonymous proxies provide the highest level of anonymity;
  • Anonymous proxies. Anonymous proxy servers transmit information in the HTTP headers indicating that the client uses a proxy server (for example, the name and version of the proxy server software) but do not transmit the client's IP address. Thus, the server will be able to determine that the client is using a proxy but will not determine the client's real IP address. Anonymous proxy servers provide a good level of anonymity;
  • Distorting proxies. Distorting proxy servers transmit the client's IP address in the HTTP headers in a distorted form. For example, they show only a part of it. Thus, the server will find out that the client is using a proxy and part of the client's real IP address, which may be enough to determine some data about the client, such as the client's ISP and its country and city. Distorting proxies provide a minimum level of anonymity;
  • Transparent proxies. Transparent proxies add an HTTP header with the client's real IP address, so the server can determine that the client is using the proxy and the client's real IP address. Transparent proxies do not provide anonymity.

Private Proxy list. How does it work?

It is quite simple if the Internet request is raised then the proxy server look for the address in its local cache, if the address is found then it returns the same to the user. If the address is not available in the local cache then it requests the page to the server using its own IP address, if the page is returned then the proxy server returns the same to the user and saves it to it local cache for future reference.

Again it’s a technology so it can be a boon or bane. For an enterprise, the proxy servers are used for administrative controls and caching services but for the personal computing purpose, it is used for anonymous surfing.

There are various types of proxy servers available:

Forward Proxy: Forward proxy forwards the requests of the user to the web server and the users can directly access the web page by changing their internet settings. It also allows the firewall which increases the privacy and security.

Reverse Proxy: Reverse proxies handles the requests for the users on the destination servers which help to access the website when it disallows the connections to the servers. Reverse proxies also disable the users to view some websites because of illegal content.

There is the list of anonymous proxies listed below in the post.

Transparent proxies: Transparent proxies are also stated as the proxies with the centralized traffic. It is used in the corporate networks, where the proxy is associated with the separate network which apart it from the external network. It also acts as a firewall which is used to scan the data for the security purpose before delivering the request of the user to the network. These proxies are helpful for the corporate to administer the traffic on the network because the corporate devices are generally safe and they should be intruded to perform the mundane tasks.

DNS Proxies: DNS proxies are generally used to forward the domain name service requests from the user’s LAN to the internet DNS which is cached for the enhanced user speed reduction.

Highly anonymous proxies: Highly anonymous proxies are generally used by the clients who hide their IP address. This type of proxies generally presents the non-proxy IP address. Not only they hide the IP address of the client but it also allows the access to the sites that block proxy servers.

Socks 4 and 5 proxies: Socks proxies comes with the Socks protocol which looks for the DNS operations to the web traffic.