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Best-selling Amazon Products of 2022. 50 Best-Selling Amazon Products You Need to Know About

03.05.2022 в 23:11

Best-selling Amazon Products of 2022. 50 Best-Selling Amazon Products You Need to Know About


The 500+ Club helps take the guesswork out of shopping on Amazon. The product experts at Good Housekeeping have vetted the below products to ensure they’re worth your money. Each one boasts at least 500 reviews and a minimum 4-star rating from real, verified reviewers, so you can trust that you’re purchasing products that actually work, according to users and experts.

With so much inventory on Amazon, it can be hard to find what's actually worth it. Fortunately, Amazon updates lists of top-selling products hourly. These favorite Amazon items have been reviewed thousands of times or earned the title of Amazon's Choice.

Whether you're just nosey about what everyone else is buying (no shame) or looking for the best deals to shop, get ideas from this list of Amazon's best-selling items, ranging from home organizers , top-rated fashion pieces , viral TikTok finds and game-changing beauty picks . Before you shop, make sure you sign up for Amazon Prime for tons of perks .

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Best-selling Amazon Products of 2022. 50 Best-Selling Amazon Products You Need to Know About


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Crossbody Bag with Tassel



  • Reviews: 18k
  • Meghan Markle loves this style of bag, and apparently, so does everyone on Amazon. It doesn't hurt that this crossbody bag comes in various including blush, beige and cognac.

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    Microfiber Sheet Set


    $20 AT AMAZON

    • Reviews: 348k
    • This sheet set , which comes with a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases, is loved by Amazon reviewers for its silky-soft material and seriously low price. Plus, it's available in various shades to match any bedroom décor.

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      All-Season Quilted Comforter



      • Reviews: 104k
      • It's what's on the inside that counts: Fill your favorite duvet cover with this quilted microfiber comforter, which is packed with a hypoallergenic down alternative . It'll keep you warm — but not too warm — all year long.

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        Blue Light Blocking Glasses

        More and more people are buying glasses online , possibly due to the vast array of cheaper frames. Perfect for tired, strained eyes, these leopard frames protect your peepers from the blue screens on your computer and phone.

Amazon Best Sellers 2022. What is the Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

The Amazon Best Sellers Rank (also known as the Amazon Sales Rank) is simply a number that is awarded to a product once one sale has been completed. As you might expect, the BSR is a fantastic indicator of how well a product is selling on Amazon.

Products with low sales have high BSR’s, products with high sales have low BSR’s, so the lower the BSR, the more sales will have been made.

For example, a product ranked at number seven has achieved higher sales than a product ranked at number 207. However, it’s essential to understand that just because the Amazon Best Sellers Rank of a product is low, this doesn’t indicate how well that item is selling in relation to other similar products, only it’s overall rank.

For example, two similar products could be ranked at numbers 10 and 50, both low BSR’s in Amazon terms, and so both products are likely to be best sellers even though they are 40 rankings apart. To really dig deep and discover whether a product really is a best seller or not, you must utilise the sub-category best seller lists rather than the top tier best seller lists.

A product can also have multiple Amazon best seller rankings. This happens if a product is listed in more than one category. A product listed on Amazon can have a BSR of 2500 in Home & Garden, while the same product can have an Amazon Best Sellers Rank of 15,000 when sold in Pet Supplies. Similarly, a product that has a BSR of 1999 on Amazon.co.uk may have a sales rank of 100 on Amazon.com.

Oh, and there’s more! Amazon BSR’s fluctuate hourly too. This means that a product which has just made a sale will be ranked higher than a product with a sale made 59 minutes ago, so it’s not the most optimal way to predict sales.

Confused? That’s understandable but don’t be, because despite Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank not being as simple as it appears, it is still a highly valuable metric for Amazon sellers purely because it’s an excellent way to estimate the demand for a particular product. This makes it a handy research tool when you are looking for products to sell on Amazon – more on this later.

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Top items to Sell on Amazon. How to Know What to Sell on Amazon

It's important to note, you'll want to do your research on shipping costs and Amazon seller fees , so you know how much you'll need to spend depending on your item. This information can help you narrow your decision -- for instance, a two-to-three pound item will be lightweight and easy to ship, which can help lower your shipping fees.

Along with weight, you'll want to consider products that aren't easily breakable when you're transporting them.

Additionally, most products on Amazon vary between $10 and $50 -- so you'll want to choose items you can sell for relatively cheap, while still making a profit.

Once you've determined you're willing to pay shipping costs -- and that your product likely falls within a fair price range -- here are five ways to figure out what to sell on Amazon:

1. Manually conduct research on Amazon.com.

To manually research popular products on Amazon -- which can help you decide which product you want to sell -- you'll want to start with Amazon's best-selling items in a certain category. Ideally, once you explore a category, and sub-categories, you'll narrow down on a niche.

When you check out Amazon's best-sellers list, you might also look at the "Customers also bought" section to get ideas for similar products.

Once you make a list of items, check Google keyword planner to see whether those products have search volume, which indicates a level of demand. Alternatively, you could use Sellerapp’s product intelligence tool specifically for Amazon. Sellerapp offers a seven-day free trial, which allows you to begin investigating popular products on Amazon via keywords to further narrow your list.

2. Use a chrome extension to research products in a niche market.

There are two popular chrome extensions to help you conduct keyword research on Amazon -- Jungle Scout , which shows you monthly sales volumes on products, displays products with low competition, and allows you to save products to track them over time. Undoubtedly, Jungle Scout's analytics can help you quickly and efficiently narrow down on a product or an industry in which you could excel. However, Jungle Scout is relatively pricey, particularly if you're just starting out.

Unicorn Smasher is Jungle Scout's free alternative -- while the data isn't as accurate as Jungle Scout, and it lacks some of Jungle Scout's sophisticated features, it's nonetheless a helpful free option to gather estimated monthly sales and estimated monthly sales revenue for Amazon products.

3. Find a gap in the market.

You might come across a gap on Amazon through simple organic search -- for instance, when I search "women leggings" there are over 100,000 results, but when I search "cycling leggings women pink" there are only 1,000.

This is a simplified example, but sometimes you need to narrow down your product search to find a place to make an impact on Amazon. Plenty of people are already selling leggings, but there might be a certain style, color, or type of legging that is missing on the site.

Alternatively, you can find a gap in the market by reading customer reviews in your product market niche. Even if there are plenty of products similar to yours already, you might find that customers are unsatisfied by the current brands and want something you can provide.

4. Find products that don't have too much competition.

If you're trying to sell a product that currently has 100,000 search results, it's likely going to be very difficult to stand out against the competition and achieve the sales you want. Fortunately, it's relatively easy to find a niche within a larger market that has less competition, which ensures your product is more easily found by searchers -- best of all, those searchers are likely more willing to buy your product, since they needed to search a more specific keyword.

For instance, let's say you want to sell cookbooks. "Cookbooks", as a search term, has over 70,000 results.

Alternatively, the search term "Cookbooks for instant pot cooking" has only 3,000 results. Not only is your product more likely to become a best-seller in this category, but it's a more targeted keyword -- if someone searches "Cookbooks" they could mean anything from "Kids cookbooks" to "Holidays cookbook". If someone searches "Cookbooks for instant pot cooking", however, they're more likely to be satisfied with your product.

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