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Best Private Proxy providers of 2022. Best Private Proxies providers 2022

05.08.2022 в 13:13

Best Private Proxy providers of 2022. Best Private Proxies providers 2022

Private Proxy ServicePrice - MonthFeature of proxy providers
25 Proxies - $39
100 Proxies - $135
500 Proxies - $625
Unlimited Bandwidth for web scraping
For Social Media accounts management
Dedicated Datacenter IPs and located in US
10 Proxies - $23.70
50 Proxies - $87.50
100 Proxies - $165
Dedicated Proxies for Sneakers
143,360 Data Center IPs located in US and EU
24/7 Support and Fast Proxy Delivery
10 Proxies - $22.65
50 Proxies - $86.00
100 Proxies - $169
Good for the Social such as Followliker
Fast Squid proxy server
Proxies for Craigslist
10 Proxies - $24.00
50 Proxies - $87.00
100 Proxies - $160
Fast dedicated proxy speeds
Proxies are delivered automatically
Unlimited Bandwidth
10 Proxies - $29.97
50 Proxies - $99.97
100 Proxies - $199
YPP Proxy Support Socks5 protocol
24-hours free proxy trial
Dedicated Data center IPs
10 Proxies - $22.65
50 Proxies - $86.00
100 Proxies - $169
The proxies good for Instagram
Work well on social networks
Data center loated in US and UK

Private Proxy providers host the proxy on high speed dedicated server, so the private proxy offer better reliability and speed, That’s why so . I highly recommend you purchase this type of proxies.

The Key is the IP address that’s exclusive and fixed, You’ve fully supervised this IP, Don’t worry about the IP address be abused by others. That’s why lots of internet marketers like to use private proxies for their tasks, such as Data scraping or copping shoes .

Ssl Private Proxy. Why do I need a Private Proxy?

On the internet you almost always give away a lot of information about yourself: Unencrypted e-mails can be read by the administrators of the e-mail server, if the connection is not encrypted, and also the internet service provider and other parties sniffing the traffic of that connection are able to know the contents. Furthermore, the same applies to any kind of traffic generated on the internet (web browsing, instant messaging, etc).

If someone wanted to find out where you’ve been and how long you’ve been there for instance, it really wouldn’t be that hard. Even your own personal or work computer can become a spy watching and recording your every internet move. By using a private proxy, you can be sure your browsing sessions are private and secure.

The most common type of hacking is the information gathering companies do to find out where you live, what your phone number is, and what business you’re in. While these may not seem too sensitive, they can cause a big hassle in the long run. One hacker who gets this information can sell it to hundreds of companies or even other hackers.

Soon, you’ll be overrun with junk mail and sales calls. Even worse, if one hacker has a few pieces of information about you and sells it to another hacker with other information, sometimes they can bring together a full picture of your digital identity, getting enough information to open accounts in your name and to put things like your social security number to no good.

BEST Residential Proxies. Quick Residential Proxy Overview

Residential proxies are particularly used by web developers during web scraping. The data they obtain during such operations can be used by travel agencies, SEO experts, affiliate testing, and Ad verification.

That aside, residential proxies can also be used by individuals or organizations seeking to extend their market reach by allowing them to open and activate multiple social media accounts in different countries. This way, they are able to increase their customers’ trust and loyalty which translates into more sales. They are also used in retail businesses, especially among sneaker companies.

In the shoe industry, residential proxies are mainly used for copying info about pricing, design, and other sales-related info from competitor companies. Not what you’d consider ethical among multibillion-dollar businesses, but again it happens more often than not. And residential proxies make it happen.

With that being said, let’s get back on track with our review of the best residential proxies.

1. Bright Data (Luminati)

  • Supports manual IP rotations
  • Residential IP pool: 72M+
  • Authentications methods: IP authentication & Username/ password authentication
  • Bandwidth based pricing
  • Supports IP geo-targeting
  • 100% legit and secure residential proxies
Bright Data formerly Luminati Proxy Networks. It boasts close to 72 million rotating residential IPs in all the world’s major cities. Furthermore, they have some of the best proxy servers among the top residential proxy providers. Because of its reliability and superior performance, Bright Data residential proxies are mostly used for ad verification, brand protection, SEO auditing among other roles.

Their proxies are legit and are far less likely to be blocked. Bright Data pricing is bandwidth-based. That is to say, the more bandwidth, the more you pay. Even so, their pricing is still pretty competitive compared to most top tier residential proxy providers.

However, Bright Data isn’t ideal for small businesses and definitely not for personal use. Their pricing model targets enterprise-level corporations. Upon successful subscription, you will be able to access their IP pool instantly. No more activations and other related complex procedures often encountered with other residential proxy providers.

Why you should try Bright Data

  • Reliable and with excellent speed
  • 99% success rate
  • Competitive pricing
  • 24/7 friendly customer support
  • Legit proxies

2. Shifter

  • Authentication: IP authentication & Username/ Password authentication
  • Refund policy: 3 days
  • Free trials: no
  • supports HTTP(s) and Socks proxy protocols
  • Rotating proxy pool: 31M+
  • Pricing model: port-based
  • Speed: awesome

Shifter, formerly called Microleaves, is another leading residential proxy provider. According to the official website, they have a proxy pool of 31M+ legit residential IPs. Unlike Bright Data, Microleaves residential proxies are very affordable. In fact, it is one of the cheapest of all residential proxy providers.

As such, these proxies are ideal for small businesses, enterprise-level corporations, and personal use. The pricing isn’t based on bandwidth. Instead, it is attached to the number of successful requests.

All their premium packages come with unlimited bandwidths. Meaning you can send as many server requests as you want. However, remember their pricing is pegged to the number of successful requests.

Also noteworthy is that Shifter residential proxies have a 5 minute lapse time, which is not bad for residential proxies. In addition, they also support automatic request retries for all your failed requests.

Like most residential proxy providers, they offer two distinct types of proxies to choose from. These include:

  • rotating residential proxies
  • dedicated residential proxies

Rotating residential proxies change after a set time interval. That is to say, you will access the web using a different IP address upon the lapse of every rotation cycle. Rotating proxies are great for evading access restrictions often imposed by big sites.

Dedicated proxies on the other hand do not change. As the name suggests, the homeowner or any end-user is assigned a specific set of IPs that are not accessible to other users in the network. These types of proxies are the best in terms of online anonymity guarantee, speed, and ability to evade access restrictions.

However, dedicated residential proxies are super expensive; although this is only expected considering that the IPs are allocated to a particular user only.

That aside, Microleaves uses IP and Username/ password authentication methods for verifying users during access requests to the proxy IP pool. And lastly, every purchase comes with a 3-day refund policy, but no trial period.

Private Proxy List. 15 BEST FREE HTTP and HTTPS Proxies List in 2022

Last Updated:

Review and compare the top free HTTP and HTTPS Proxies to select the best HTTP/HTTPS Proxy according to your requirements:

Online proxy or Virtual Private Network (VPN) is becoming increasingly popular due to the need for secure market connections. Proxy servers allow secure and private connections to the net.

Here we will review the best free HTTP and HTTPS proxies list. You can compare the features and prices to select the one that meets your requirements.

Market Trends:  The online proxywas expected to be 25.41 in 2019. The market size is projected to grow to $75.79 billion by 2027 – an increase of about 14.6 percent CAGR. The following graph displaying global proxy market size has been generated based on the projections of Statista.

Global Proxy Market Size Increase in $billion

Expert Advice: To connect to the net using a proxy, you need to open the Internet Properties and select the Connections Tab. Next, select LAN settings, and then check the “Use a proxy server for your LAN’ option. Type the proxy IP address and port number mentioned in the HTTP or HTPPS proxy list.

FAQs about HTTP/HTTPS Proxy

Q #1) What is HTTP proxy and HTTPS proxy?

Answer: Both HTTP proxy and HTTPS proxies allow anonymous internet connections. HTTP proxies do not validate the server certificate. On the other hand, HTTPS proxies check the certificate of the server due to which they allow both secure and anonymous connections.

Q #2) How do I find proxy lists?

Q #3) What are the different types of proxies?

Answer: Mostoffer forward proxies that serve as a gateway or tunnel to the network. In contrast, reverse proxies offered by limited proxy service providers allow control and protection of server access through authentication, load balancing, caching, and decrypting.

Q #4) Is an HTTP proxy safe?

Answer: HTTP proxy does not allow for a secure connection. You should not share confidential information online such as your credit card or bank account number if you are using an HTTP proxy.

Q #5) What are Private Proxies?

Answer: Private proxies – also known as static or dedicated proxies – assign only one IP address per user. It hides the real IP address of the user. But unlike rotating IPS they don’t prevent tracking of browsing history by third parties.

=>>to suggest a listing here.

List of Top HTTP and HTTPS Proxies

Here is the list of popular HTTP/HTTPS Proxies:

  2. hidemy.name
  3. Free Proxy List
  4. SSL Proxy
  5. Open Proxy Space
  6. Free Proxy Lists
  7. Proxy-List
  8. ProxyScrape
  9. Zyte

Comparison of the Best HTTP and HTTPS Proxies

Tool NameBest ForProxy TypePrice
SPYS.ONE Secure and anonymous connection for free.HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS proxy list.Free
hidemy.name Accessing a large database of proxies for anonymous access to gaming websites.HTTP and HTTPs$5 to $8 per month
Free Proxy List Accessing a list of fast proxies for data scraping.HTTP and HTTPsFree
SSL Proxy Anonymous connection to the net using fast or slow rotating ports.HTTP, HTTPs, and SOCKS5
Open Proxy Space Getting access to a public proxy list for anonymous connection.
Free Proxy Lists

Detailed Review:


Best for Secure and anonymous connections using a proxy for free.

Spys.one is a free online proxy app you can use to access the net anonymously. The online proxy list consists of a large number of free HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS proxies.

You can sort proxies based on cities, transparency, and hostname. Additionally, you can view the latency, speed, and uptime of each proxy. The anonymity level of each app is also displayed on the screen. A unique feature is the IP info option. You can perform Whois of IPv4 and IPv6 proxies.