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Top 30 free Web scraping Software in 2023. ScrapeHero Cloud

10.09.2023 в 02:22

Top 30 free Web scraping Software in 2023. ScrapeHero Cloud

If you’re looking for a hassle-free web scraping experience, look no further than ScrapeHero Cloud . With years of experience in web scraping services, ScrapeHero has used this extensive expertise to develop a user-friendly platform.
With ScrapeHero Cloud, you can access a suite of pre-built crawlers and APIs designed to effortlessly extract data from popular websites like Amazon, Google, Walmart, and many others.


  1. ScrapeHero Cloud DOES NOT require you to download any data scraping tools or software and spend time learning to use them.
  2. ScrapeHero Cloud is browser-based, and you can use it from any browser.
  3. No programming knowledge is required to use ScrapeHero Cloud. With the platform, web scraping is as simple as ‘click, copy, paste, and go!’
  4. To set up a crawler, all you need to do is:
    1. Create an account
    2. Select the crawler you wish to run.
    3. Provide input and click ‘Gather Data.’ And that’s it! The crawler is up and running.
  5. The pre-built crawlers are highly user-friendly, speedy, and affordable.
  6. ScrapeHero Cloud crawlers support data export in JSON, CSV, and Excel formats.
  7. The platform offers an option to schedule crawlers and delivers dynamic data directly to your Dropbox; this way, you can keep your data up-to-date.
  8. The crawlers have auto-rotate proxies and can run multiple crawlers in parallel. This ensures cost-effectiveness and flexibility.
  9. ScrapeHero Cloud offers customized crawlers based on customer needs as well.
  10. If a crawler is not scraping a particular field you need, all you have to do is email, and the team will get back to you with a custom plan.

Web scraping open source. Scrapy

Scrapy is an open source web scraping framework in Python used to build web scrapers. It gives you all the tools you need to efficiently extract data from websites, process them as you want, and store them in your preferred structure and format. One of its main advantages is that it’s built on top of a Twisted asynchronous networking framework. If you have a large web scraping project and want to make it as efficient as possible with a lot of flexibility then you should definitely use Scrapy. 

Scrapy has a couple of handy built-in export formats such as JSON, XML, and CSV. Its built for extracting specific information from websites and allows you to focus on the data extraction using CSS selectors and choosing XPath expressions. Scraping web pages using Scrapy is much faster than other open source tools so its ideal for extensive large-scale scaping. It can also be used for a wide range of purposes, from data mining to monitoring and automated testing.  What stands out about Scrapy is its ease of use and  . If you are familiar with Python you’ll be up and running in just a couple of minutes.  It runs on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows systems.

Scrapy is under BSD license.

Источник: https://lajfhak.ru-land.com/novosti/top-10-web-scraping-tools-2023-extract-webpage-data-2023-top-10-best-web-scraping-tools-data

Mozenda pricing. One Size Doesn’t Fit All

    Cloud-Hosted Software

      You need someone who will learn how to use Mozenda to create Agents.

      Download Agent Building software to your PC. Create your Agents (with our help).

      Retrievable via API, publishing or direct download.

      PC using Windows or Bootcamp for Mac.

    Works like a charm and is a pleasure to use. Doesn’t have the steep learning curve of other web scrapers.

    Michael Miller

    Dir. of Marketing

    Providence Medical
    Technology, Inc.

    On-Premise Software

      You need someone who will learn how to use Mozenda to create Agents. You also need a System Administrator to manage your Mozenda installation.

      Work with our Operations Team to locally install Mozenda in your data center.

      Retrievable through your servers.

      Depends on your needs. Contact us to start a conversation.

    A robust platform that scrapes the web better than anyone else I‘ve seen.

    Aaron Pace

    Assistant Manager

    RJ Schinner

    Managed Services

      We are your humans. We do everything after confirming the data you need from your target sites.

      Your Mozenda Account Manager is responsible for web content harvesting Agent creation.

      Mozenda scrapes target sites for you and manages deliverables.

      Scraped data published directly to you.


    I recommend Mozenda to anyone who doesn‘t have the time or skill to do it themselves.

Beautifulsoup Guide. BeautifulSoup: Detailed Guide to Parse & Search HTML Web Pages

Beautifulsoup is a python library that helps developers in parsing HTML and XML files quite easily. Its API can help in searching, navigating, and also modifying the parsed tree of documents. Beautifulsoup is a commonly used library to parse data from scraped website pages. It can be quite useful in scraping websites that are not providing REST APIs for information needed by users. Beautifulsoup library itself can not scrape web pages, it can only parse scrapped pages. For scrapping page, we need to use libraries like urllib , requests , etc. Beautifulsoup behind the scene uses other python libraries ( html.parser, lxml, html5lib ) for parsing DOM structure of web page. The API of beautifulsoup is very intuitive and easy to use. The current version of beautifulsoup is beautifulsoup4 which is recommended version and works with Python3.

As a part of this tutorial, we'll cover in detail the API of beautifulsoup library. We'll be covering the majority of functionalities provided by it. The tutorial is designed with a simple HTML document to make things easier to understand and grasp. This tutorial is specifically designed to retrieve tags and strings from the given HTML document. It does not concentrate on methods that are used to modify HTML documents. We have a different tutorial where we cover how to modify HTML documents using beautifulsoup . Please feel free to explore it from the below link.

  • BeautifulSoup: Guide to Modify HTML Document

Below we have highlighted important sections of the tutorial to give an overview of the material covered.

Scrapy documentation. Crawler API ¶

The main entry point to Scrapy API is theobject, passed to extensions through theclass method. This object provides access to all Scrapy core components, and it’s the only way for extensions to access them and hook their functionality into Scrapy.

The Extension Manager is responsible for loading and keeping track of installed extensions and it’s configured through thesetting which contains a dictionary of all available extensions and their order similar to how you

subclass and aobject.


The request fingerprint builder of this crawler.

This is used from extensions and middlewares to build short, unique identifiers for requests. See.


The settings manager of this crawler.

For an introduction on Scrapy settings see.

For the API seeclass.


The signals manager of this crawler.

For an introduction on signals see.

For the API seeclass.


The stats collector of this crawler.

For an introduction on stats collection see.

For the API seeclass.


The extension manager that keeps track of enabled extensions.

Most extensions won’t need to access this attribute.

For an introduction on extensions and a list of available extensions on Scrapy see.


The execution engine, which coordinates the core crawling logic between the scheduler, downloader and spiders.

Some extension may want to access the Scrapy engine, to inspect or modify the downloader and scheduler behaviour, although this is an advanced use and this API is not yet stable.


Spider currently being crawled. This is an instance of the spider class provided while constructing the crawler, and it is created after the arguments given in themethod.

crawl ( * args , ** kwargs )
args and kwargs arguments, while setting the execution engine in motion.

Returns a deferred that is fired when the crawl is finished.

Data crawler. What is Data Crawling

Data crawling refers to the process of collecting data from non-web sources, such as internal databases, legacy systems, and other data repositories. It involves using specialized software tools or programming languages to gather data from multiple sources and build a comprehensive database that can be used for analysis and decision-making. Data crawling services help businesses automate data collection.

Data crawling services are often used in industries such as marketing, finance, and healthcare, where large amounts of data need to be collected and analyzed quickly and efficiently. By automating the data collection process, businesses can save time and resources while gaining insights that can help them make better decisions.

Web crawling is a specific type of data crawling that involves automatically extracting data from web pages. Web crawlers are automated software programs that browse the internet and systematically collect data from web pages. The process typically involves following hyperlinks from one page to another, and indexing the content of each page for later use. Web crawling is used for a variety of purposes, such as search engine indexing, website monitoring, and data mining. For example, search engines use web crawlers to index web pages and build their search results, while companies may use web crawling to monitor competitor websites, track prices, or gather customer feedback.