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50 Best-Selling Products on Amazon to Shop in 2022. 55+ Best-Selling Products on Amazon Right Now

06.10.2022 в 10:24

50 Best-Selling Products on Amazon to Shop in 2022. 55+ Best-Selling Products on Amazon Right Now

Amazon's best-selling list compiles a real-time selection of shoppers' top purchases in every category — including beauty, tech, home, and more. The list gets updated hourly, which is why we're constantly checking to see which products shoppers are most interested in on any given day. Sometimes, shoppers are looking for cool new cameras and high-tech gadgets, but other times, they're searching for the best waffle maker that $20 can buy. After all, Amazon is where online shoppers turn to for everything from household essentials to outlandish seasonal novelties .

Curious to see what Amazon shoppers are buying? Here are the top products we think are worthy of clicking the "Add to Cart" button that we found at the time of writing. Check out the best of Amazon's best-sellers now!

Looking for more Amazon roundups? Check out our guides to the best makeup brushes on Amazon , top-rated pillows and bed sheets , home decor , and tech products .

Maybe it's all the extra driving folks have been doing lately, but it seems like people are noticing all the crumbs and grime that amass along the edges of those in-car crevices that no vacuum or car wash can reach.

Thankfully, there's a simple solution that can clear out everything that falls between the cracks. This goopy, sticky substance conforms to fit any crevice you need cleaned, pulling up all the dirt and other particles stuck in there without leaving any sticky residue behind. Plus, the fun, slimey feel means you might even be able to get your kids to do the cleaning for you!

Shoppers sick of constantly clogged shower drains are turning to the TubShroom to catch their stray hairs before they create clogged pipes — but does this drain-saving device actually work?

Well, we put it to the test ourselves , and we can answer with certainty that, as our reviewer put it, we "stan the TubShroom!"

Amazon's in-house brand is quickly becoming a go-to for shoppers looking for affordable options in virtually any category, and that includes sheet and pillow sets. This soft, machine-washable polyester microfiber set is available in 44 different colors and styles, making it easy to match with any bedroom decor style.

What to Sell on Amazon. Is it Profitable to Sell on Amazon?

In a word, yes! Amazon is already extremely popular and it’s getting even more so each and every day, especially with third-party sellers.

Third-party Amazon sales are growing in number and experiencing continual increases as the years progress. Jeff Bezos sees this increase in third party sales as serious competition to the Amazon first-party products his company sells. The third-party sellers are making legit cash, so much so that Bezos makes a definitive response to the increase in third-party sales , which you’ll see later in the article.

To put the rate of increase in perspective, third-party sellers accounted for 3% of Amazon sales in 1999 whereas this percentage steadily increased and was all the way up to 58% in 2018!

What to Sell on Amazon. Is it Profitable to Sell on Amazon?

Just by looking at these numbers, it’s easy to see that third-party sellers are doing pretty well with Amazon sales, to say the least. These figures are even more impressive because Amazon first-party sales had increased from $1.6 billion in 1999 to $117 billion in 2018! That’s some big competition to go up against.

Selling your own brand on Amazon is profitable, whether you are an ambitious self-starter who wants to do it on your own or you want to delegate and use the services of others. You can choose to handle the shipping, customer service duties, and other roles yourself or sign up for Amazon FBA and let the Amazon team handle all of the finer details of the sale.

If you don’t already know about Amazon FBA, you should look into it as this option makes it even easier to sell on Amazon. Fulfillment by Amazon lets you hand off the duties to a knowledgeable team. To keep shipping costs down, you should compare Amazon fulfillment fees with major third party logistic companies.

You’ll learn how you can maximize your profitability as an Amazon seller as you read through the following content.

Top Products. Оптовая торговая компания "TOP PRODUCT" - хозяйственные товары из Китая и Турции

Оптовая торговая компания "TOP PRODUCT" - огромный ассортимент хозяйственных товаров 

Торговая компания “Top product” предлагает вам товары по самым лучшим оптовым ценам в Украине. Наш сайт предоставляет вам огромный выбор придверных ковриков, занавесок для ванной комнаты, скатертей, наборов под унитаз, карнизов для душевой, салфеток для журнальных столиков, силиконовых ковриков для ванной комнаты, чехлов для стиральных машин и на гладильных досок а так же разных видов пластика на кухонные столы. У нас вы сможете найти хозяйственные товары из Китая и Турции.


  Придверные коврики

Интересуетесь где купить придверные коврики напрямую от поставщика из Китая или Турции?У нас отоваривается огромное количество предпринимателей со всей Украины, Белорусcии, Молдавии и России. Осуществляется как самовывоз с наших складов так и доставка всеми возможными почтовыми службами. Коврик рубчик, в оправе, ворсовый, резиновый, Welcome и многие другие вы сможете найти на нашем сайте.

Занавески для ванной комнаты

Планируете купите занавески для ванной комнаты прямиком от поставщика?Болоневые, атласные, 3д, силиконовые, однотонные, полиэстэровые шторки для душа все это вы сможете найти у нас на портале.

Комплекты под унитаз

Вы можете заказать у нас комплекты под унитаз оптом и без посредника. Красные, белые, синие, розовые, фиолетовые, зеленые, желтые и многие другие расцветки всегда в наличии. Так же имеются комплекты под унитаз и ванную.

Карнизы для душевой

Большой ассортимент карнизов для ванной - гарантия того, что вам не придется тратить время на походы по рынкам и офлайновым магазинам для закупки своего товара. Хромированые, угловые, однотонные, металические, пластиковые и полукруглые карнизы вы сможете найти у нас в каталоге.

Силиконовые коврики для ванн

Купить силиконовые коврики для ванн оптом в торговой компании “Top product” - выгодной и черезвыйчайно просто. Мы предлагаем вам более 20 различных видов массажных силиконовых ковриков на присосках.


Оптовая торговля скатертями - еще одна из граней нашей деятельности. Шелкография, волна, бахрома, силиконовые, виниловые, одноразовые и клеенчатые скатерти все это вы сможете купить у нас.

Салфетки под горячее

Вас заботит вопрос - где купить оптом салфетки под горячее по лучшей цене?Только у нас вы сможете найти огромный выбор цен и качества в данной категории.

What to buy on Amazon. 50 Best-Selling Amazon Products You Need to Know About


The 500+ Club helps take the guesswork out of shopping on Amazon. The shopping experts at Good Housekeeping have vetted the below products to ensure they’re worth your money. Each one boasts at least 500 reviews and a minimum 4-star rating from real, verified reviewers, so you can trust that you’re purchasing products that actually work, according to users and experts.

With so much inventory on Amazon, it can be hard to find what's actually worth it. Fortunately, Amazon updates its best-selling products hourly. These favorite Amazon items have been reviewed thousands of times or earned the title of Amazon's Choice.

Whether you're just nosey about what everyone else is buying (no shame) or looking for the best deals to shop, get ideas from this list of Amazon's best-selling items, ranging from home organizers , top-rated fashion pieces , viral TikTok finds and game-changing beauty picks . Before you shop, make sure you sign up for Amazon Prime to reap the tons of perks of having a Prime account , like access to Amazon Prime Day deals .

Amazon's next Prime Day, a 48-hour sneak peak at Amazon's Black Friday deals , is coming up Oct. 11 and 12. Naturally, many of these best-selling Amazon products are included in the sale. Take this best-selling crossbody tassel bag . It is one of our favorite purses on Amazon under $50 , and during Prime Day, it's discounted 51% off for only $22. There are tons of great gift ideas here too, if you're planning to get a head start on holiday shopping during Prime Day. Lodge cast iron skillets are up to 35% off, Amazon devices like Echos, FireTV Sticks, and Ring doorbell cameras are at all-time low prices, and the viral Revlon one-step hair dryer and volumizer is only $32!

View Gallery 50 Photos

What to buy on Amazon. 50 Best-Selling Amazon Products You Need to Know About


1 of 50



Crossbody Bag with Tassel

Now 51% off


  • Reviews: 20k
  • Meghan Markle loves this style of bag, and apparently, so does everyone on Amazon. It doesn't hurt that this crossbody bag comes in various shades including blush, beige and cognac.

    RELATED: 15 Stylish Purses on Amazon for $50 and Under

    2 of 50



    Microfiber Sheet Set

    Now 10% off

    $18 AT AMAZON

    • Reviews: 379k
    • This sheet set , which comes with a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases, is loved by Amazon reviewers for its silky-soft material and seriously low price. Plus, it's available in various shades to match any bedroom décor.

      3 of 50


      RFID Blocking Wallet

      $18 AT AMAZON

      • Reviews: 15k
      • Stash all of your essentials (phone included!) into this bi-fold leather wallet, which comes with 16 card slots and two zippered compartments.

        4 of 50


        All-Season Quilted Comforter

        Now 15% off

        It's what's on the inside that counts: Fill your favorite duvet cover with this quilted microfiber comforter, which is packed with a hypoallergenic down alternative . It'll keep you warm — but not too warm — all year long.

Top Selling items on Amazon 2022. How to Find Profitable Products to Sell on Amazon FBA

For most Amazon sellers, success in the Amazon marketplace begins with the proper selection of inventory items. If you wish to have a good starting point in terms of discovering top-selling products for Amazon, here are things you should consider. 

    Follow the Trend 

To avoid slowing moving products, follow the trend. The trend is your friend in eCommerce. Products that are trending are always in high demand, which is why Amazon sellers should capitalize on these trending items for improved sales. 

    Avoid Seasonal Products

If you are still new to Amazon FBA and would like to see growth in your store, you should avoid inventory items with a high degree of seasonality. 

Items such as Christmas paraphernalia will likely attract customers during Q4 only. It would be best to invest in items that are likely in demand all year long. 

    Utilize Product Research Tools

If you want to speed up the process of finding top-selling products or profitable Amazon categories, use a product research tool. 

This type of Amazon seller tool not only provides you with a list of items that are trending or in demand, but it can also provide you with data analytics for better decision-making. 

    Look for Small, Light & Durable Items

If you want to maintain a healthy profit margin, you should search for small, light, and highly durable products. Small and light items mean less shipping cost, especially if you are importing overseas. 

The durability of the item will help ensure that items are intact while in transit to the Amazon FBA warehouse. This will also help prevent potential complaints from customers due to product damages.

    Best finds Amazon. 11 Ways To Find Best Selling Products On Amazon

    Whether you’re curious about how to find best sellers on amazon, or you want to find out what you can sell to climb to the top, there are ways to do it all.

    There are approximately 400 million individual products in Amazon’s line up, and you won’t be wrong in thinking that’s a lot of sorting to go through.

    So in this list, there will be guides to finding out the best selling products online that are of interest to you, in whatever category you choose.

    What Decides Amazon’s Bestsellers?

    The Best Seller Rank (BSR)

    How to find best sellers on amazon isn’t that difficult to make out. Let’s understand how this works.

    The Amazon Best Sellers are decided by something called the Best Sellers Rank. This takes in to account various things factors such as historical product data, potential success in the future, cumulative sales, etc.

    So it’s not just enough to have the most sales ever on Amazon, there needs to be consistency in sales as well.

    And this makes sense because if the best-selling book of all time, the Bible, would top Amazon every single month and every single week, it won’t leave room for new releases that are climbing the charts.

    BSR and Search Results Aren’t Dependent On Each Other

    There is also a misunderstanding when it comes to relating the Best Seller Rank and the ranking high in searches. There is no direct relation between the two.

    The latter depends on which products are being searched for more rather than which ones are being bought.

    BSR is also updated regularly. According to the blog, the products are updated every 2-3 hours after a sale.

    And since more weight is given to recent sales than historical sales, products can move up and down quite quickly.

    Viral Launch even reports drops of 10,000 places in a single hour unless a sale occurs.

    Hence the most searched product on Amazon may not be the best selling product on Amazon.

    BSR Depends More On Orders Placed Than Units Sold

    BSR is also independent of the units order and instead is dependent on the orders given.

    For example, if 90 units of the same book are ordered at once, that would carry as much weight as a single unit, because Amazon recognizes this as a bulk buy.

    However, if there are 90 separate orders for one type of coffee maker, then it will be counted as 90 different orders.

    Hence, even if you’re selling products like hot cakes, if there is bulk buying afoot, you won’t see that product in the best sellers list.

    Let’s now read how to find best selling products on Amazon.

    How To Find Amazon’s Best Selling Products

    All of this is pretty confusing and makes finding the best selling products in any category hard.

    Cracking the formula of the best selling ranks is hard but not impossible. Here are 11 ways that will explain how to find best selling products on Amazon.

    1. Use Amazon Online Sales Tools and Feedback Tools

    Try using online tools to find the best products on Amazon which list among the top selling products on Amazon.

    There are a lot of Amazon best sellers tools that measure analytical data and give you an insight into what is selling best and what is being reviewed best.

    You can try making an Amazon Associates Account which will allow you to earn commissions on the items that customer buy after visiting your site.

    You can also try making a seller account on Amazon if you want to directly sell through Amazon’s platform.

    You can use the Ahrefs service, which allows you to find the best keywords andand. This will help you to identify what is selling better.

    And finally, you can use software like, Sage Mailer, Feedback Express, and; which are built to help Amazon sellers recognize the best selling products online and to optimize their campaigns accordingly to reach a wide expanse of customers.

    Online sales are extremely time-consuming and finding out what will sell better than everything else is a trial and error process. Amazon best sellers tools prove more than handy in simplifying these.

    What works today may not work tomorrow, so there needs to be a lot ofto rise year on year.

    Best-Selling Categories on Amazon. 6 Best Selling Product Categories and Top Selling Products on Amazon 2021

    No doubt, Amazon is one of the top attractive eCommerce destinations for online sellers, where even small handmade businesses can build their Empire and sell products successfully. However, the challenge is to choose a niche and products that fit the market and reach out to big audiences. As an eCommerce marketplace like eBay or Etsy , Amazon can be easy to set up, but not that easy to find profitable products that sell. So, the main questions for the one seeking to sell here are:

    • Where to start for a new seller?
    • How to choose the Amazon product?

    Why This Guide

    If you take a look at the list of the best-selling products on Amazon on this page , you’ll notice that in their block “Amazon Best Sellers” they write:
    “Our most popular products based on sales. Updated hourly (!) ”

    Thus — if you want to come up with a long-term strategy on what to sell in a month or even a year, these lists of top sellers is not the most solid and practical method to rely on… Indeed — in one hour only goods from one category can be sold in huge amounts, and — at the same time in a week — from a completely different category! Or even the entire list of top-selling items can be completely different!

    Best-Selling Categories on Amazon. 6 Best Selling Product Categories and Top Selling Products on Amazon 2021

    Meaning — if you want to plan your long-term sales, you need to follow the trends and collect data on statistics yourself…

    What we did in this Guide:

    • we’ve been watching the top products and categories on Amazon throughout the year;
    • we’ve been communicating with the inveterate sellers who are logged in Amazon 24/7

    and — we’ve come up with the list of product categories to be Top-selling on Amazon in 2021.