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Best Rotating proxy Services in 2022. Bright Data (formerly Luminati)

10.08.2022 в 16:25

Best Rotating proxy Services in 2022. Bright Data (formerly Luminati)

Largest IP pool and Most Advanced Residential Proxy Network

  • Type of Proxy Offer : Offer both Rotating & static residential IPs
  • The pool of Proxy Network :72+ million IPs in the pool
  • How to Authentication : User Pass + IP Auth
  • Geo-Targeting : ASN/Cites/Countries (Worldwide)

Best Rotating proxy Services in 2022.  Bright Data (formerly Luminati)

Arguably the best private proxy service provider in the market,has the largest network of IP addresses to help you evade IP blockage and captchas as you scrape data from the Internet. Aside from web scraping, BrightData's proxies can be used for,, and monitoring as well as, social media automation, and sneaker sites geolocation bypassing.

According to information on their website, Luminati has over 72+ million IP addresses of real devices distributed among over 200 countries and over 20,000 cities in the world. Interestingly, they have the fastest residential proxy service,.

Bright Data (formerly Luminati) is loved by many businesses including Fortune 500 companies – thanks to the legitimacy of their IP addresses. Unlike other residential proxy providers, Luminati has sought the consent of owners of the IP addresses they use. One of the ways they get this consent is through their free VPN service known as. Users of this VPN service have to agree to share their Internet connection and IP addresses before they are allowed to use the free VPN service.

When it comes to their plans and prices, Luminati is not the cheapest option out there especially if you stick to their starter plan that sells at $500 which consists of 40 GB at a price of $12.5 each. However, as you subscribe to higher bandwidth plans, the prices reduce drastically. One interesting thing about their subscription is that you are offered a 7-days free trial without any form of a refund after payment.

Bright Data (formerly Luminati proxy) has a very comprehensive FAQ page that contains frequently asked questions and their answers. They also have an email that you can use to make inquiries and lodge complaints. However, many users claimed that they waited for more than they expected before they got a reply. Sadly, they do not have a live chat service so your only option is email communication.

Best Proxies for Web Scraping. 10 Best Datacenter Proxies for Web Scraping in 2022

The world we live in is hungry for data. Most businesses need data for multiple purposes which could be price monitoring, sentiment analysis, price aggregation, etc.

In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at the best datacenter proxies on the market. We’ll be looking at their features, prices, and anything else that makes them stand out. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Mainly people use web scraping to extract data from their target websites. But the disadvantage of using this technique is the blocking of your IP. You can also read our 10 tips to. Basically, you need proxies to escape the trap of getting blocked by any website.

Datacenter Proxies

These are normal IPs that we get from corporate datacenter. These IPs are not related to any ISP. These are basically of three types:




Public datacenter proxies are the free proxy list available. These proxies can only be used for changing your location while browsing but not for web scraping purposes. Their success rates are very low as far as data extraction is concerned.

Now, we are going to compare the 10 best datacenter proxy providers in the market. We will scrape Google, Amazon, Yellowpages , and eBay . We will judge them on the basis of:

  1. Price
  2. Performance on the basis of 500 requests.

List of 10 best datacenter proxies:

  1. Scrapingdog
  2. Oxylabs
  3. Luminati
  4. Proxyrack
  5. Storm proxies
  6. Smartproxy
  7. High Proxies
  8. Rsocks
  9. Privateproxy
  10. Infatica

1. Scrapingdog

Scrapingdog is a web scraping API. By making a simple GET request you can get the raw HTML of any website. You can even render JS by using our dynamic parameter. It offers datacenter, mobile 4G, and residential proxies for different domains. It also offers athrough which you can scrape private LinkedIn profiles. The reason it’s on the top of the list is the customization features offered by this tool. ScrapingDog is also offering cheap datacenter proxies.


  1. The cheapest plans come with 250k API calls which costs $20 per month only. Then there is standard and pro plan with 1 and 3 million API calls respectively. Standard costs $90 and pro costs $200 per month.
  2. It also offers a generous free pack with 1000 API calls for a month.
  3. You can also ask for a custom plan if you have bigger needs.


500 requests were sent for each website.

2. Oxylabs

It is the data-gathering proxy provider. They have a pool of 100M+ proxies from genuine suppliers. They provide both residential and datacenter proxies. One thing I personally like about their proxy is they allow geo-targeting in datacenter proxies. You can use their proxy for web scraping, ad-verification, price monitoring, etc. The best part is their proxy pool keeps growing. Plus they provide a dedicated account manager for resolving any issue asap.


  1. Their datacenter starter proxy plan starts from $180. The starter plan will provide you with 160 proxies. Unfortunately, you cannot scrape google & other search engines using their proxies.
  2. They also offer a free trial for their datacenter proxies. You have to contact your account manager to get this trial.
  3. The overall performance of their proxies is great.


500 requests were sent for each website.

3. Luminati

They provide a data extraction tool and a proxy network. They have a pool of more than 750k datacenter proxies which involves proxies from more than 95 countries. You can also use their data collection tool if you are finding it difficult to scrape a website. Their proxies work great with search engines and social media crawling. They also offer SDKs for web and mobile developers. They also have a user-friendly dashboard from where you can create your own package. You have the freedom to set your own budget. All in all, it is a great product.


  1. Their starter pack starts from $500 in which you get proxies at $0.60 per IP. You can even select the pay-as-you-go option to use their services without any restriction.
  2. They also offer a 14-day free trial.


500 requests were sent for each website.

Auto rotating vpn. Description

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Rotating proxy free. Bright Data

Bright Data is one of the leading service providers for rotating residential proxy, offering one of the largest and fastest real-peer IP networks worldwide. They have 72M+ IPs with an extensive interface, excellent response time, 99.99% uptime, limitless rotation, and 100% patented and compliant service.

Their rotating residential proxies are of real devices; hence, they go undetected if used correctly. Bright Data offers residential IP addresses in various countries, cities, ASNs, and carriers worldwide. Scale up/down quickly, send unlimited concurrent requests, and connect with their Proxy Manager for defining customized rules to get maximum results.

Rotating proxy free. Bright Data

Access data extracted ethically and make sure your data provides long-term value out of your invested efforts. You can also send an infinite number of concurrent requests to increase speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Whether you want to perform web data extraction, eCommerce data, brand protection, extracting stock market data , or more, Bright Data can help. All their services include global geo-distribution, Bright Data Proxy Manager, 99.99% uptime, limitless concurrent sessions, and full compliance and patents.

Their pricing starts from $15/GB or $300/month, and you also have other options like pay-as-you-go and yearly subscriptions. Besides, you can pay via PayPal, Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Alipay, American Express, and Visa cards.

Rotating Proxies unlimited bandwidth. Shifter

  • Metered Connection – Price based on Gigabytes used
  • 31,000,000 Total IP Addresses in PRoxy Pool
  • Times Proxy Rotation – 5 to 60 minutes
  • Worldwide Proxy Coverage

Shifter, formerly known as Microleaves, has been providing online proxy services since 2015. Their prices in the pricing table may seem a bit out of the loop, but it’s because their services aren’t quite sold the same as other rotating proxy providers. Their “Unlimited Bandwidth” rotating proxies actually have a 40Gb per port limit which is why they’ve been listed here as metered instead of unmetered and have a Price/Gb data column instead of a Price/IP column. Shifter allows unlimited use of their IP pool over a certain amount of ports (which is how you set proxy rotation and geo-targeting rules) with 40Gb of bandwidth per port and a 150 concurrent thread (connection) limit per port.