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Best Proxies For Amazon MTurk. Best Proxies For Strawpoll Voting Bot

01.05.2022 в 10:44

Best Proxies For Amazon MTurk. Best Proxies For Strawpoll Voting Bot

For the Strawpoll voting bot, you can use datacenter or residential proxies. Residential proxies are rated above datacenter proxies for reliability due to their ISP-affiliated IP addresses. Datacenter proxies are rated above residential proxies for speed as their servers are usually virtual.

The best proxies for Strawpoll voting bots are rotating proxies and rotating proxies are usually datacenter proxies. Nevertheless, you can only get the best when you purchase your proxy from a reliable proxy provider. Free proxies are not an option for Strawpoll voting bot as the majority of them are unsafe.

ProxyRack is a reliable proxy provider you can get the best proxies for Strawpoll voting bot from. With over 800 million API requests handled daily, you can count on the service to meet up your Strawpoll voting tasks. You can purchase both residential and datacenter proxies from ProxyRack.

Amongst ProxyRack proxy plans are three rotating proxy plans. This includes:

Find the perfect Proxy Product.

Proxyrack offers a multiple options to suit most use cases, if you are unsure our 3 Day Trial allows you to test them all.

    Real residential proxy. How do residential Proxies work

    Residential proxies are easy to understand; at the bare basics, it’s a network of millions of residential IP addresses combined into a proxy network. In this section, we will explain it to you in more detail.

    How a residential proxy works

    When you send a request to a residential proxy, your traffic will get routed through a proxy located on a real device, which has an IP address of an ISP. Most of the time these IP addresses are located at real homes, this is why you are less likely to be blocked, because your target sees you as a regular user.

    How the residential proxy network works

    Now that you know how a residential proxy works, you can simply multiply the previous explanation, and you get the whole network.

    Residential proxies often work with a rotating system, meaning every time you send a request to the residential proxy it will redirect you to a random new proxy, this way you will not get blocked from your target, if one of the proxies in the residential network is blocked, you will be given another proxy that works.

    Comparison to other proxies

    This is different from other proxy types, like datacenter proxies, which give you a static list of proxies that you can use.

    Because you are always using the same proxies with datacenter proxies it’s easier for your target to detect you as bot traffic. Once you are blocked with a datacenter proxy, you will have to wait until your target unbans you to use the same proxy again.

    Static residential proxy. Frequently Asked Questions

    Please read ourif you have questions that are not listed below.

      What is a static residential proxy?

      When you buy a static residential proxy server a datacenter-based proxy gets assigned to you by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). With this type of proxies you can operate with them as with residential IPs for as long as it is required. In case of static residential proxies you are provided with static addresses for your scraping or other missions.

      Can I have a free trial period on my static residential proxies services before I buy the static residential proxies?

      Yes, we provide you with a two-day free trial period on our static residential proxy servers for you to get absolutely confident in the quality of our services. If you have any questions, our managers will guide you through the process of proxy setup and initialization.

      How can I be sure that I get the best price for my static residential proxies?

      We are aware of the pricing policy of all static residential IPs providers, so when you buy static proxies we are ready to offer you the best price there is for static residential proxies considering their price/performance ratio.

      What are static residential proxies used for?

      You will need static residential proxies when you access highly secured or loaded websites. The perfect example of using static residential proxies would be social networks, Twitch or other streaming websites.

      Can I use your proxies for scraping safely?

      We, as your static residential proxies provider, can assure you that you can use our proxies safely inside any software tools for scraping. Our account managers provide round-the-clock support to make sure that your satisfaction with our proxy performance is at the highest possible level.

      Is it safe for me to buy static residential proxy servers only from a single residential static proxy provider?

      Absolutely, we provide static residential proxy services upon conducting all necessary tests of all our residential static proxies in our proxy network to make sure that they are reliable and demonstrate stable performance. We also provide round-the-clock support and are ready to handle all issues related to our proxy performance when necessary.

    Residential proxy. Residential Proxies

    Residential proxies

    A residential proxy is an IP address belonging to a user of a home WiFi and/or cable Internet. These proxies belong to ISPs, who provide them to homeowners.

    How do residential IPs work and what is the difference between these and traditional datacenter proxies?

    Residential IPs are highly trusted by websites, portals, social media, etc. Because IT users far outnumber available IPv4s, which were distributed among ISPs years ago, residential ISPs use the NAT technology, which allows crowds of users to share just one whitelist IP address.

    In other words, a group of, for example, Facebook / Google Ads Manager users, will be leaving the same IP address on target websites. For a website, Blocking an IP is like shooting itself in the foot, because thus it will block a huge part of its own audience. Unlike datacenter proxies, residential proxies boast a high degree of trust, because they have lots of users behind.

    Most commonly, residential proxies are rotated within the provider’s pool. If you trace a home Internet of WiFi user’s IP address for about a week, you will see it change several times. However, every new one will belong to the same ISP and be located in the same city.

    In AstroProxy you can order a port and specify proxy parameters, traffic, as well as choose between country-, city- and ISP-specific proxies. These options will help you protect your account and gain trust of any website or service.

    AstroProxy’s residetial IPs are ideal for running multiple accounts, parsing, advertising and other goals, thanks to their unique characteristics described above.

    You can try and check it for free.

    Our support service is always happy to help you using popular messengers, and you can read the most commonly asked questions on the FAQ page.