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8 Best Private Proxy providers in 2022. Best Residential Proxies 2022

04.08.2022 в 12:42

– Cheapest residential proxy provider

8 Best Private Proxy providers in 2022.  Best Residential Proxies 2022

Proxy type – Rotating IPs (Residential) Proxy Network size – 40,000 plus Proxy Protocol – HTTP(S) /SOCKS5

Offering comparatively a fraction of proxies, Stormproxies banks on their robust and consistent service. All the servers are located in the USA and Europe alone, throwing Geo-targeting out of the window. However, if you are targeting the two regions, then this would work out the best.


  • Unlimited Bandwidth No hidden costs, limits on the bandwidth. Go all guns blazing with your web scraping bots without worrying about the data balance. All the plans have the same policy on the bandwidth.
  • High Speed Across the Network You get a consistent speed of 1 Gbps across all the IPs, irrespective of the proxies the users are deploying. They have decent scraping performance, along with an average response time.
  • Three and Fifteen Minute Proxies
    The new IPs are delivered every five minutes. You can set the three or fifteen-minute proxies according to your requirements. Short-term duration is suitable for browsing and casual use, while longer sessions are ideal for other automation works.
  • Fastest Money-back guarantee
  • Simplified Interface
    Following the minimalistic user interface has made it easier for newbies, beginners to use the residential proxies. Login to your account, select a node, and the rest will be taken care of by the service, rotating the IPs on the interval.

Top Proxy services. 10 Best Free Online Proxy Server List of 2022 [VERIFIED]

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Review, compare and select from the top online Proxy Server list to secure your data from unauthorized access, maintain anonymity, and assess the blocked content:

A proxy server is an application or an online service running on the network that facilitates the computer to request on its behalf. It is an intermediary between the client and a service where the client will be your computer and the service will be the website that you have requested to visit.

The most common reason to use the proxy server is to hide or change the IP address while visiting the website.

Proxy Server is not only used to access the blocked content on the Internet but also to control the Internet usage by children/employees. It can be configured for denying access to specific sites. It provides you with overall better network performance and is also used for keeping data away from unauthorized access, maintaining anonymity, and assessing the blocked content.

Fact Check: According to, the key purpose of using the VPN is to access the restricted content. 84% of VPN users makefor this reason. For North Americans, the motivation for using the VPN is to preserve anonymity.

Pro Tip: Various proxies are available in the market that can be used for completing specific tasks. Every time expensive proxies are not required and public proxies also work. If you want the safest proxy server, then creating on your hardware is recommended or you can choose the private proxies. While choosing the solution, consider the encryption capabilities and data logging & storing policies of the proxy server.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Why should we use the proxy server?

Answer: It provides enhanced security and will let you access location-specific content. It helps the organizations with restricting their employees from accessing inappropriate content. It facilitates private browsing, watching, listening, etc.

The below image enlists the top five reasons for using the proxy server:

Q #2) What are the risks involved in using the proxy servers?

Ans: The best proxy server offers a lot of advantages, such as providing anonymity, an extra layer of protection, access to restricted content & services, and faster page loading speeds. Using it alone will not provide complete anonymity, as the sites also monitored other connection parameters.

Proxy servers might keep track of your online activities. They are used to mask the, but some providers can monitor the online activities. Hence, it is recommended to research well on the proxy service provider before finalizing it.

They give anonymity, but some service providers do not encrypt your connection. Some use an SSL certificate for encrypting the data that passes through their servers. This doesn’t give enough protection to your online activities from attackers. Hence, while choosing the proxy server, make sure that it encrypts all connections.

Q #3) How does proxy work?

Ans: Proxy Server has its IP address. When your computer requests to access a certain website through a proxy server then it acts as an intermediary. It receives the response from the webserver and forwards that data to your computer.

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List of Top Proxy Servers Online

Below is the list of popular and best online proxy servers:

  1. Smartproxy
  2. Bright Data (Formerly Luminati)
  3. HMA
  4. Whoer
  5. Hide.me
  6. Oxylabs Proxy Server

Comparison of the Best Proxy Servers

Best for Setting up proxies on Firefox and Chrome in just a few clicks.

Ssl private Proxy. Why do you need a private VPN ?

Using an encrypted, private VPN from a reputable provider is extremely important if you want to prevent your computer from becoming some hacker’s pawn.

The most sensitive information we put out on the internet is usually our financial information. If a hacker gets just the right mix of bank account numbers, credit card numbers, user names, and passwords they can gain access to those accounts and open new ones in your name. Most banks have security measures to notify you if someone has been viewing your information from a suspicious location, and credit cards will often reimburse you for charges that were made by someone else. Unfortunately, they don’t always notice or catch the hackers before serious damage has been done to your financial status and credit rating. This is why, even if you have the latest security software on your computer, you might want to log in to your financial accounts through your dedicated VPN instead of straight out of your home gateway.

As if stealing isn’t enough, some hackers will install viruses and worms on your computer that will slowly infect all your files and every other server your computer communicates with. After planting their malicious program deep in the hidden files of your computer, they can actually use your computer remotely as the control center to visit sites they don’t want to be tracked to and even carry out tasks they wouldn’t do from their own computer.

Shifter Proxy. Shifter.io Review 2022 - The Largest Proxy Network with 26 Million IPs

Shifter Proxy. Shifter.io Review 2022 - The Largest Proxy Network with 26 Million IPs

Shifter.io is the largest proxy network on the internet. They provide residential proxies and dedicated server proxies. Whether you need a few hundred or a thousand, shifter has them for you! Shifter's team of experts specializes in providing quality proxies that are stable and reliable at an affordable price. If you want to make your website faster, more private, or secure from hackers- shifter can help! In this shifter review 2022 we will cover what they offer as well as their pricing structure so that you can decide whether shifter is right for your needs!

Its Locations:

shifter.io is based in the US and has a variety of locations where they keep their servers located- including United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Spain, France and more! Their network consists of hundreds of thousands IPs spread across over 100 cities worldwide to give you many options for your proxies. The shifter.io Review will help you determine whether shifter is right for you!

Shifter Proxy. Shifter.io Review 2022 - The Largest Proxy Network with 26 Million IPs

Price & Plans:

Shifter.io offers several products which are ideal if your website needs either static or rotating IPs- their residential proxies offer long term access to a single IP (which can be used for nearly any purpose!) and dedicated server proxies provide one of the most powerful ways to make your identity anonymous.

They have more than 26 million ips available in more than 100 cities worldwide. shifter offers a free trial of their services, but the shifter.io review will show you that shifters pricing is very competitive for this industry!


Residential Proxies:

Their residential proxies are perfect if your website needs long term access to one or many IPs- they can be used for nearly any purpose and have no limitations. Residential ips or rotating ips make shifter.io a perfect solution for almost any need! their dedicated server proxies are the most powerful way to make your identity anonymous- shifter provides you with multiple IPs that can be used simultaneously and this makes shifters dedicated servers the top choice in anonymity if your needs require it!

Backconnect Proxies:

Special or Basic Backconnect proxies generates random residential IPs from the shifter.io server pool and using their own public IP as a source - this is one of shifters greatest value adding services they provide to keep proxies fresh for longer periods of time which results in better quality sessions with your target websites.
One of shifter's biggest selling points besides being able to supply residential proxies at a time.

Dedicated Server Proxies:

Dedicated Proxies have datacenters in USA & Canada - shifter's reseller proxy solution is 100% white-labeled which means that your customers will have no idea that you are using shifters residential proxies - this allows for unlimited branding on the front end of your website .
Shifter provides dedicated private proxies with a hostname and subdomain
Shared Proxies also have high speed and datacenter in Usa & Canada shifter is the only provider that offers this type of proxies.io.
Shifter provides dedicated private proxies with a hostname and subdomain . Shared Proxies also have high speed and datacenter in Usa & Canada shifter is the only provider that offers this type of proxies.

Customer Support:

Shifter Proxy. Shifter.io Review 2022 - The Largest Proxy Network with 26 Million IPs

Their customer support is available 24/365 by email or chat. They are quick and efficient and shifter.io never sleeps! shifter is the best way to stay anonymous online- it's pretty much impossible for anyone to track you if your using shifters proxies/ips or their dedicated servers.

Their company has been in business since 2012- providing quality residential, rotating ips, private proxy networks and top notch customer service. This Shifter.io Review is going to give your exact idea of shifter.io to give you a better understanding of the shifter proxy network itself!
Shifter is currently one of the largest residential proxy networks on the market - having more than 100,000 servers worldwide (US, UK & Europe) and over 70 different countries covered- they can provide proxies in almost every major country around world.

Shifter.io Review - Conclusion:
They guarantee 99.99% up time and shifter is a fast growing company with customers from all around the world .
They offer super 1 GBPs speed with unlimited bandwidth shifter .io is an extremely good provider with affordable prices.
They offer reasonable packages which are affordable for every proxy user. If you are planning to buy residential proxies, backconnect proxies or dedicated proxies, you should come to shifter. This Shifter.io Review is a summary of its services and the shifter team claims that shifter is a fast growing company with customers from all around the world.

Shifter Proxy. Shifter.io Review 2022 - The Largest Proxy Network with 26 Million IPs

This Shifter.io review has concluded that shifter is one of the best providers in this industry who offers great speed , support, prices & anonymity.