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Which Proxy is the best for Amazon scrape. Frequently Asked Questions

10.05.2022 в 21:09

Which Proxy is the best for Amazon scrape. Frequently Asked Questions

Please read ourif you have questions that are not listed below.

    What is an Amazon proxy?

    An Amazon-optimized proxy is meant to help you access Amazon for your data scraping or parsing missions. If you buy an Amazon proxy server, you would normally get a residential anonymous proxy with an IP address of high level of durability and performance. The main feature of such proxies is that they are not easily detected by Amazon and can help you in harvesting data from the service over an extended period of time.

    Can I use your private proxies for Amazon in my scraping missions safely?

    When you order proxies for scraping Amazon, you should realize that it is one of the most common use cases of proxy application with this e-commerce platform. We understand how important it is to you to stay undetected until you complete your scraping or parsing sessions. Therefore, we run tests on our proxies to make sure that your missions on Amazon will proceed safely and reliably.

    Is it OK for me to purchase Amazon proxies from a single proxy provider?

    Of course! Once we provide you a pool of proxies for your Amazon missions, you will be granted access to a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard for setting up your proxies and for round-the-clock tech support to handle all issues related to your IPs. We also provide APIs for setting up your proxies in various scripts written in a variety of computer languages.

    Why are your Amazon Proxies better than others?

    When you buy Amazon scraping proxies from us we make sure that you get a pool of properly tested reliable proxies that meet this requirement. Just like all major e-commerce platforms, Amazon is extremely sensitive to the quality of proxies and can easily detect and block datacenter proxies. We strongly recommend you contact our account manager to tailor the right set of proxies before you start your Amazon scraping or parsing mission.

    Can I get a free trial on my Amazon proxies?

    Yes! Before you buy a proxy for Amazon from us, you will be able to test it for free to decide whether to use our premium private proxies. Please consult our account manager about the terms of the free trial period.

Best Proxies for amazon. Why Use Proxies for Amazon?

Best Proxies for amazon. Why Use Proxies for Amazon?

For an average Amazon customer, making use of a proxy is an overkill – this is because it is not required for you to surf the site. However, Internet marketers and researchers make use of proxies since they will most likely exceed the request limits allowed. Some of the things Amazon proxies are required for are discussed below.

    Price Comparison

Some sellers on Amazon do not have an absolute price for their product(s). The price tag attached to their product is determined by the price of the same product by different sellers. This requires a lot of monitoring of competitors' pricing in other to remain competitive. This is done by a script and requires proxies if it is going to be sending many requests out to the Amazon server in a minute.

    Rank Monitoring

Sellers on Amazon need to constantly know the ranking of their listing on Amazon so as to optimize and fix things up. This is because a small drop in ranking that makes them lose money as this will decrease the Click Through Rate (CTR) . Sellers also need to monitor the ranking of their competitors, so they will know how their competitors are performing on Amazon search. These sellers make use of proxies so that they won’t be detected when the number of web requests they send passes limit.

    Review Analysis

Businesses love data, and Amazon reviews are a very good source of textual data about how customers feel about the products they bought – and used. Many users usually scrap the comments in the review section in other to carry out sentimental analysis, and know-how customers feel about their products. The information gotten from this analysis is far better than what you get from star rating.

Usually, each of these can be done without using proxies if you send a small number of requests per minute and abide by the fair usage rule. The need for proxies comes when you need to scale up and exceed request limits.

  • SEO Proxies for Scraping Search Engines without Block and Captchas!

Best Proxies for Amazon

Amazon is a strict website, and its anti-spam system is actively looking out for botting and proxy traffic to block. This means that you need to make use of undetectable proxies that are compatible with Amazon. Avoid using datacenter proxies , as most of them are not compatible with Amazon. Mobile proxies and residential proxies are the proxies for Amazon.

Amazon scraping Proxy. Amazon Proxy Scraper

The useful tool to scrape products information from Amazon via ScrapingAnt API.


  • Scrape products from Amazon search result: amazon ID, rating, number of reviews, price, title, short and full description, high-resolution image, url, sponsored or not, discounted or not, featured by Amazon choice or not.
  • Result can be saved to a CSV or Excel file.
  • You can scrape up to 500 products
  • Installation

    Install from NPM

$ npm i -g @scrapingant/amazon-proxy-scraper

Before you begin

This library depends on rotating proxies scraping API - ScrapingAnt. It has a free plan.

TRY NOWbutton). After that you can find your API key at "Your API token" card at the dashboard page.



$ amazon-proxy-scraper --help Scrapes for a products with rotating proxies from the provided key word Options: --help, -h help --version Show version number --keyword, -k Amazon search keyword ex. ' baking mat ' --apiKey, -a ScrapingAnt API key --number, -n Number of products to scrape. Maximum 500 products --save, -s Save to a file ? --fileType, -t File type to save: can be either csv or xls.

Amazon bot ban. Amazon cracks down on New World bots & gold farmers in huge ban wave

New World players have been experiencing bots and gold farmers that hinder gameplay by hoarding mining/fishing spots to consistently gather resources and sell them under the current market price. Not only do they prevent normal players from farming resources to complete quests or enjoy the game, but they also disrupt the game’s economy.

Amazon Games have since been getting a ton of reports from players wanting a fix to the problem, and now they’re taking long-awaited action.

New World bot ban wave

Amazon Games

New World bots have been posing a problem for players trying to gather resources.

“We have seen your reports of gold farmers and bots in the game,” Amazon Games Communitysaid. “We take these reports seriously and we want you to know that we are committed to ensuring fair gameplay.

“As part of this commitment, we are taking steps to revoke thousands of keys that were fraudulently obtained to disrupt gameplay.”

The studio also warned players from obtaining any other New World keys from a third-party seller since “they are often obtained through fraud.”

    An impending ban wave will shut off massive amounts of bots to help ease that game’s problem soon, though no timetable was given.

    New World removed from Steam account

    Since the devs are aiming to take thousands of accounts offline soon, there could be some New World players that get caught up in the crossfire.

    • Read more: New World players want map so badly they made one

    The bot ban wave is Amazon Game’s latest solution to tackle some of thethat have been affecting the new MMO since its launch.

    Residential Proxy. Residential Proxies

    Residential proxies

    A residential proxy is an IP address belonging to a user of a home WiFi and/or cable Internet. These proxies belong to ISPs, who provide them to homeowners.

    How do residential IPs work and what is the difference between these and traditional datacenter proxies?

    Residential IPs are highly trusted by websites, portals, social media, etc. Because IT users far outnumber available IPv4s, which were distributed among ISPs years ago, residential ISPs use the NAT technology, which allows crowds of users to share just one whitelist IP address.

    In other words, a group of, for example, Facebook / Google Ads Manager users, will be leaving the same IP address on target websites. For a website, Blocking an IP is like shooting itself in the foot, because thus it will block a huge part of its own audience. Unlike datacenter proxies, residential proxies boast a high degree of trust, because they have lots of users behind.

    Most commonly, residential proxies are rotated within the provider’s pool. If you trace a home Internet of WiFi user’s IP address for about a week, you will see it change several times. However, every new one will belong to the same ISP and be located in the same city.

    In AstroProxy you can order a port and specify proxy parameters, traffic, as well as choose between country-, city- and ISP-specific proxies. These options will help you protect your account and gain trust of any website or service.

    AstroProxy’s residetial IPs are ideal for running multiple accounts, parsing, advertising and other goals, thanks to their unique characteristics described above.

    You can try and check it for free.

    Our support service is always happy to help you using popular messengers, and you can read the most commonly asked questions on the FAQ page.