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How to Find the Best Products to Sell on Amazon in 2022. Step 1: 8 Essential Criteria for Your Amazon Private Label Product

06.10.2022 в 22:29

How to Find the Best Products to Sell on Amazon in 2022. Step 1: 8 Essential Criteria for Your Amazon Private Label Product

PRO TIP: Look at the number one product on page one of an Amazon search and record the number of reviews. Then look at the rest of the products on page one. What is the range of reviews on page one? If one product has over 500 reviews, but all the others have just a few, then there is room for you on page one and it is likely you will be able to compete for one of these page one spots.

6. A Product That Sells for $20-$80

The best products to sell on Amazon normally have a sales price point of between $20 and $80 USD. Consider that Amazon takes a big chunk of your gross profit in fees .

Expect to pay Amazon anywhere between 35%-50% of your gross profit in various selling fees . This can be closer to 50% if participating in Sponsored Ads or Amazon Marketing Services.

Understand that generally, the higher the price range, the higher the profit margin, but also, the more you will have to pay for inventory.

7. A Product That Has Plenty of Room for Improvement

When you sell Private Label on Amazon, you want products where you can make improvements on the quality of the existing listings or product itself.

You should look for products where the average feedback rating is below 4.0 stars . If you look at the reviews, you will see the problems people have had with the product, which stopped it from getting a full 5 stars. If you fix these problems with your product you can hopefully outsell the original.

PRO TIP: You should actually read the reviews of potential products to see what the problems are and whether it is something that can be easily rectified.

8. The Potential to Build a Range of Private Label Products

Finally, remember you are building a brand, not just selling a single product. Look for products where there is the potential to create an entire range of related products.

For example, maybe you decide you want to sell a dog collar. Dog collars need dog leashes. And dog leashes might need dog harnesses. If you have a dog, maybe he is old and needs some all-natural supplements. Pretty soon, you could have a full range of products in the dog’s niche.

The benefits from this really come into play once you are building up your website and social media presence. If you start building an email list, you can promote your new dog-related products to your existing customers.

The opposite to this would be to pick a fad toy that may be popular for a year or two at best (anyone remember fidget spinners?), and then as more competition floods the space, it rapidly becomes a race to the bottom in terms of price.

This is something you want to avoid as a private label seller. The point is to think about long-term sustainable profits, not short-term skyrocket sales.

Where to buy Products to Sell on Amazon FBA. Amazon FBA in 2021 is NOT Like it Was in 2006

Back then, things were extremely passive. You could put up a listing without taking into account competition, pricing structures or search volume and still get tons of sales.

Just like in 2012 when could put a 500-word piece of sh*t on your stupid niche site and generate thousands in ad revenue. It’s not the same now.

Here’s a glimpse at the Amazon selling scene now:

  • Individuals & businesses alike are a part of FBA.
  • Amazon has over 350 million items in its inventory.
  • 9.7 million sellers with 238,000 new sellers each year. That’s a lot.
  • More than 80% of those are 3rd party sellers (we’ll get into this).
  • 25,000 sellers are making over $1,000,000/year in sales.

Those numbers look big, but blogging is still bigger. That just means selling on Amazon isn’t as hard as starting a successful blog.

Where traditional ecommerce sites fail, Amazon FBA comes into the picture. It’s not only easy to use but also does away with hassles like shipment, inventory management, etc.

There’s a reason why many sellers want to be a part of this seller’s program today.

You can easily enroll in the Amazon’s fulfillment program in a few simple steps and join as a third-party seller.

You can then send your products to Amazon fulfillment centers – they will pick it up, pack, and ship them to buyers.

One of the most significant advantages of joining the FBA program is that you get to showcase your products in front of millions of potential buyers without having to do much work yourself.

Your products are even qualified for Prime shipping. And buyers naturally prefer Prime shipping as it is fast and free.

How to Sell on Amazon. Part 1 Part 1 of 4: Setting Up a Seller Account


    Go to the Amazon home page and click on the "Sell" link along the top bar. The link is small, featured on the top panel between "Gift Cards & Registry" and "Help." This will take you to their seller page, where you can find information and options for the different types of selling accounts.

  • If you're logged into your Amazon Prime account, you may not be able to see this link. Log out to access it.
  • If you still can’t find the "Sell" button, you can also go to https://services.amazon.com/selling/getting-started.html , then click on the "Start selling" button.


Select a Professional or Individual account. If you’ll be selling more than 40 items per month, select Professional. This plan is free for the first month, then costs $39.99 per month, and lets you list items in up to 35 categories. Select Individual if you'll be selling less than 40 items per month. Individual costs $0.99 per listing and limits you to 20 categories for all of your listings.


Create a seller account. Once you’ve decided on Individual or Professional, click "Create seller account" and start filling out your account details. Enter information that will be visible to customers, such as your business name, contact information, where the products will ship from, and shipping options. X Research source

  • You’ll also need to provide information that will be kept private, such as bank account and routing numbers for Amazon to pay you, as well as your legal name and address. X Research source
  • Since the Seller Central site is separate from your Amazon account, you’ll need to create a seller account even if you already have an Amazon or Amazon Prime account.


Fill out your seller profile to make your company more legitimate. Go to your seller profile, where all your information and customer feedback will show up. Fill out this profile by adding your logo, return/refund policies, and an "About the company" section. Having additional information will help make your company look more personable and credible to potential customers. X Research source

  • A strong "About the company" section can create an emotional connection with the customer. To do this, tell the customer a little about you or the story of how your company started.

Best items to Sell on Amazon. What Products Sell the Best on Amazon?

Best items to Sell on Amazon. What Products Sell the Best on Amazon?

Amazon is a price-driven marketplace, meaning that people visit the Amazon site to find cheap prices on the products they want and need. So, if your price or price range isn’t the best one out of a group of the same products, you won’t be getting the sale and you’ll be stuck with inventory.

Certain items will sell better on your site while others will get the most sales by using the Amazon online marketplace. So, what products are the best items to sell on Amazon? There are two types of products that are best sold on Amazon:

#1 When Brand Differentiation Doesn’t Matter and You Have the Lowest Price

If you have brand generic products that you can offer at the lowest price, you should sell these items on Amazon. It’s not a product brand name that attracts the sale, it’s the price tag. With this type of product listing you’ll be going head-to-head with other sellers and the lowest price usually wins.

This is the main theme of Amazon. If customers want an original brand name purse, they’ll shop on that seller’s website to get it. On the flip side, if they’re shopping for a basic brown crossbody purse where brand name doesn’t matter and price does, Amazon is where they’ll go. If you offer a brandless purse, your best bet is Amazon.

#2 When You Have a Validated Differentiated Product Idea

If your product idea is unique, you’ll see Amazon product sales take off. This happens when sellers see a market need and create a feature that no one else has, or is marketing the product strongly . With the right Amazon promotional strategy, you’ll be able to get traction with an original product idea.

If the products you choose to sell on Amazon fall within one of the two categories listed above, you have a product area that has a good chance of being successful through this online marketplace. And, if your products sell, you’ll make money and empty your inventory, which are pretty good goals to achieve with any business, especially an online business.

How to choose what to Sell on Amazon. There are scads of tools to look for those keywords in Amazon:

  • Junglescout – Junglescout is a multi-task research tool for Amazon. You have seen how you can find the products of your niche. Similarly, it can be used to find the keywords using the keyword features.
  • Helium10 – Helium10 has been rated as the best keyword research tool for Amazon sellers. It has multiple features, but the best one is getting optimized and traffic pulling keywords. Like the Junglescout, you can also use this tool to find the winning products of your industry. You can check the in-depth Helium 10 Review .
  • LongTail Pro – Longtail pro works well for all kinds of keywords researches. It sorts the keywords by using the Amazon reviews of the customers. Thus, finding the keywords that are neither highly competitive nor low in competition. This way, you can find better keywords.

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA lets the third party sell their products on their behalf using their storage and packing as well as the shipping. All you need is to register with Amazon FBA, and Amazon will assign a warehouse for your products.

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon associate or affiliate is another excellent way to make money by promoting someone else’s product and earn the referral fees when those products are sold.  All you need is to place the affiliate link of the product that you have chosen on your reputed site or write a blog about that product with an affiliate link to purchase it.

Amazon gives you a 10% referral fee for the products sold, and if they are gadgets, then you can get up to 15% of the fees.


I have a detailed guide on How To Make Money Using the Amazon Affiliate Program….

In this article, I will discuss in detail about how you can sell and choose the winning products for selling on the Amazon. Selling doesn’t merely mean to choose any of the products and start selling. It must be well-researched products which attract the customers well.

Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA 2022. How to Find Profitable Products to Sell on Amazon?

As you know, there are more than 350 million products on the Amazon marketplace. About 50% of the eCommerce worldwide market belongs to Amazon. But, finding products among all of these that could be sold quickly is challenging. Although Amazon is accessible, it is crucial to have a suitable strategy to successfully sell on Amazon FBA Business .

When you are looking for lucrative products, you need to consider the below points:

1) Use Searching Tools

One of the best ways to find profitable products is using search tools or software. Choosing the right tool to help you find online arbitrage deals is critical. The available tools for Amazon product research are:

  • Helium 10

This tool is the right one if you want to grow your Amazon FBA business. You can optimize your online arbitrage sourcing list. Besides, it can identify trends, find high-ranking keywords, spy on competitors.

  • AMZScout

It is possible to use it through the Chrome Extension or a web app; it just looks like Jungle Scout. It contains profit, BSR, monthly sales, potential product score, current inventory levels. In addition, you can analyze the competitors at multiple levels.

  • SellerApp

Here, the data is provided to you from reliable sources. You can use instant insights, intuitive features, more clever shortcuts.

  • IO Scout

You can do product research with this tool. This Chrome Extension gives you different statistics such as estimated sales, seller details, fees, etc.

  • Keepa

It is an elegant and modern Amazon price tracker. It alerts you as the price drops. You also have access to comprehensive price history graphs and provide you with a massive update for the product database.

  • AMZBase

To find products for selling on Amazon, you can use this free tool. The quickest way to reach the title description and ASIN of listings on Amazon is using AMZBase. Also, it helps you to calculate your potential profits and FBA fees.

  • CamelCamelCamel

To get Amazon product ideas , CamelCamelCamel is the best price tracker. You can track the prices of your desired products without having an account, but if you wish, the tool alerts you, you need one. Additionally, you can have a Wishlist for selected items and check their price history.

2) Choose Low Competition Products

It is essential to find the products that not many people sell them. Because you want to get to the top of the rankings, choosing low competition products makes it more accessible.

3) Select High Demand Products

The number of sales of each product depends on the product category and its consumption. For example, the number of phone purchases is very different from the number of foods and groceries. However, if a product has at least 300 monthly sales, it is a good option. It means that it has ten sales per day.

4) The Product Weight Should be Below 5 lbs

You should pay more for storage and shipment of the heavy products. Shipping products from a far distance, especially from China, has more concern. Your profit margins will increase by reducing this cost.

5) The Product Size Should be Below 18” x 14” x 8

The cost of Amazon FBA service for large size items is really high. Don’t forget to consider the product’s size, and choose small ones.

6) Everyday Use Items Are the Best Option!

You will sell well if you opt for products with daily tend.

One of the ways to find the product with the above specifications and high profit is using the trends that we will discuss in the following.

How to check Product demand on Amazon. How to find the Best selling Products on Amazon: Getting started

The idea behind product research is simple. You’re looking for a product that is in high demand, has low competition, and has great margins. While this may sound easy, the sheer volume of options on Amazon makes it harder for sellers to stand out. This is why actionable data is paramount when doing product research. Selling what you want to sell may not always pay off.

The easiest way to find out what is popular and trending on Amazon is to check the best-sellers, most-wished, or ‘new arrivals list. If you have a niche in mind, you can filter the list by category and sub-category. This will give you a sneak peek into what shoppers are buying on Amazon. However, this is only a sneak peek. 

You can use these lists to find products that you could sell, but that’s only the beginning. Popularity alone cannot be used as a measure to gauge product opportunity. This step is all about identifying viable products that are profitable on Amazon. Once you’ve made a list of these products, it’s time to dive deep into the data.  

Identify best selling products with SellerApp

The easiest way to get actionable data is by using SellerApp’s advanced Google Chrome Extension . The extension will give you all the product data you need, as well as spy on your competitors with the click of a button.

To get an initial overview of similar products, just type in the main keyword in the search bar and let the Chrome extension do the rest. Once you’re on the search results page, the SellerApp extension will give you key metrics such as average price, average daily sales, and average best seller rank (BSR). You’ll also get an overall opportunity score you can use to make an informed decision about the product. Once you’ve studied the overview, you can open individual product pages to study your potential competitors more closely.

How to check Product demand on Amazon. How to find the Best selling Products on Amazon: Getting started

You can also find the best products to sell on Amazon with real-time data using the SellerApp dashboard . Once you’ve opened the dashboard, click on ‘ Product ideas ’ to find trending and most wished products. You can also check out the most popular new arrivals and BSR movers with the click of a button. The product ideas feature also provides BSR, estimated sales, and estimated revenue for each of these products to help sellers make an informed choice.

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How to check Product demand on Amazon. How to find the Best selling Products on Amazon: Getting started

(A snippet from the product ideas tool in the SellerApp dashboard)

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