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Buy IPv4 datacenter proxies with unlimited bandwidth. Frequently Asked Questions

09.08.2022 в 16:03

Buy IPv4 datacenter proxies with unlimited bandwidth. Frequently Asked Questions

Please read ourif you have questions that are not listed below.

    What is a residential rotating proxy?

    When you buy backconnect residential proxies a datacenter-based IP gets assigned to you by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) with all corresponding backconnect IPs. With this type of proxies you can operate with them as with residential IPs for as long as it is required. In case of using rotating residential proxies you are provided with a rotating IP address for your scraping or other missions.

    Can I use your proxies for scraping safely?

    When you buy rotating residential proxies for scraping, we can assure you that you can use our premium proxies safely inside any software tools for scraping. Our account managers provide round-the-clock support to make sure that your satisfaction with our IP performance is at the highest possible level.

    Can I get a free trial on my residential rotating proxies?

    Please consult our account manager about rotating residential proxies free trial. These kinds of services are available for free trial only in some exclusive cases.

    What are rotating residential proxies used for?

    You will need rotating residential proxies when you access highly secured or loaded websites. The perfect example of using rotating residential proxies would be social networks, Twitch or other streaming websites.

    How can I be sure that I get the best price for my rotating residential proxies?

    We are aware of the pricing policy of all residential ips backconnect rotating proxy providers, so when you buy rotating proxies we are ready to offer you the best price there is for rotating residential proxies considering their price/performance ratio.

    Is it safe for me to buy rotating residential proxy servers only from a single residential rotating ips provider?

    Absolutely, we arу a residential rotating proxy provider which conducts all necessary tests of when you buy residential IPs rotating proxies in our proxy network to make sure that they are reliable and demonstrate stable performance. You can easily buy rotating residential proxies with unlimited bandwidth coupled with round-the-clock support and are ready to handle all issues related to our IP performance when necessary.

Best datacenter proxies. 9 Best Dedicated Proxy Servers In The Market (2022)

It’s not difficult to find the proxy service online once you’ve learned enough about the uses, functionalities, and advantages of the dedicated proxies for your use. But searching for reliable results and suggestions on Google can become a tedious task since lots of private proxy providers are offering the dedicated proxy providers. If you’re looking for a reliable dedicated proxy provider, SmartProxy worth your try . 

Hence you should be pretty careful because not all proxy providers are reliable and some of them sell shared proxies as private proxies or even use free public proxies as the private, which is even worse.

So to make your search easier, I am giving you a list of the 6 best private proxy services for you.

1) Smartproxy 

Smartproxy has the features you need. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that some other companies do. But it has affordable plans, and starter plans cost about the same as some of the cheapest ones from other companies. That is cheaper because Smartproxy’s entry level is lower, and you can buy more traffic for the same price too. With so many pricing options, Smartproxy is better than other products.

  • You can now own IP addresses that are solely yours! Smartproxy latest tool provides you with IPs that no one else can lay their hands on when you’re using them.
  • Full control of an IP
  • Unlimited threads & GBs
  • US IP addresse
  • Easy proxy management
  • IP randomization option
  • 99.99% uptime

Why dedicated datacenter proxies?

Do you want a dedicated proxy for your browsing? If so, there’s no need to worry about getting blocked with others when using shared ones. They are cheaper but come at the risk of being banned or losing data if someone else was also signed in at that time due their IP address changing every few seconds!

With Smartproxy’s DDC proxies, you can unblock websites and scrape data with a single click. No more hassle or waiting for geo-restrictions to disappear – just take all the bandwidth from your competitors!

Smartproxy pricing :

Smartproxy offers many plans for residential and data center proxies. The prices are different depending on the plan. The prices start at $75/month, which gives you 5 GB of traffic, or $15/GB. The regular plan costs $400/month, which gives you 50 GB of traffic, or $8/GB. You can also get 1 TB of traffic for $4000/month, which comes to only $4/GB and makes Smartproxy one of the cheapest services in the game.

Check Out Smartproxy Now

2) MyPrivateProxy

MyPrivateProxy or simply MPP is one of the leading Private Proxies providers in the world. Established in 2010, the company provides over 140,000+ dedicated IP’s with multiple subnets. All the proxies they provide are hosted on fast dedicated servers with internet speed connections of up to 1Gbps.

MyPrivateProxy or  MPP is one of the leading private and dedicated proxies providers in the world. This company was established in 2010. The company generally provides more than 140,000 dedicated IP’s that provides multiple subnets.

MyPrivateProxies servers are basically hosted on fast dedicated XEON  servers with 8Gb Ram. That truly indicates that you will be getting blazing fast internet speed connections of up to 1GBps and also 99.99% up-time. Here it also offers multiple subnets right with 100,000 dedicated IPs and many more.

MyPrivateProxies supports 12 US major cities like Chicago IL, Seattle, WA, Phoenix AZ, Dallas TX, Los Angeles CA, Miami FL, Scranton PA, San Jose CA, Denver CO, New York NY and many more other locations in a row.

Myprivateproxy is one of the most popular and commercially successful proxy providers and offers the sneakers proxies for leading brand websites like

  • Adidas.com
  • Barneys.com
  • Champssports.com
  • Eastbay.com
  • Finishline.com
  • Footaction.com

Rotating datacenter proxies. Datacenter vs. Residential rotating proxies

What’s the difference? As a consumer, is it necessary to know the difference? Probably, which is why it’ll be defined below.

Their difference is what it sounds like: datacenter proxies offer IP addresses that come from a single data center, while residential proxies come from a single location, not unlike any computer or phone.

There are pros and cons to both, and proxy services may try to sell you on the one they use vs. the one they don’t use.

Rotating Datacenter proxies

Datacenter IPs are more easily detected by companies that are looking out for proxy services, such as sneaker companies, who constantly deal with an overload to their servers the moment a new shoe is released.

Using them in this instance can be riskier because you have the same IP address as a number of different IP addresses that use the same data server.

Even if the Ip number is different, without a VPN, all of the proxies can easily be traced back to its single location.

Large proxy services using datacenters for rotating proxies could have thousands and thousands of IP addresses running at a single time from one datacenter.

If you decide to move forward with a datacenter proxy package make sure the one you choose has not one, but many datacenters. Ideally a dozen data centers in different countries(but in ones with more relative internet freedom, such as the United States or somewhere in EU).

Rotating residential proxies

Residential proxies offer suspicions and setbacks of their own. A residential proxy may have been stolen from an unwitting Internet user and sold back to the proxy service, which would slow down your internet connection considerably while suing their proxy service.

In general, residential proxies operate on a slower basis. However, they operate on a more authentic one tool(when ordered from a legitimate service). The trade-off is between speed and safety.

In short, the services that offer both datacenter and residential proxies tend to be the most trustworthy because they find authentic IP addresses from either source and do not overwhelm anyone’s points of bandwidth.

So, in looking first at the ones that offer one and the other, keep in mind that the ones that offer both may be the most assuring bet. Datacenter and residential proxies might have advantages of their own, too, depending on their use case.

Where to buy SOCKS5 Proxy. What Is SOCKS5 Proxy?

A SOCKS5 proxy is a more secure alternative to a traditional proxy that protects the traffic within a specific source, such as an application. When you use a SOCKS5 proxy, data packets from the configured source are routed through a remote server. This server changes the IP address associated with these data packets before they reach their final destination, offering greater anonymity online. And because IP addresses are associated with physical locations, using a SOCKS5 proxy as anallows you to appear as if you’re using the internet in another place entirely.

SOCKS5 is the most recently optimized version of SOCKS, an internet protocol that funnels web traffic through a remote server. The SOCKS5 protocol builds upon previous versions of the SOCKS proxy protocol to offer advanced security through multiple authentication methods. This means that only authorized users can access SOCKS5 proxy servers.

SOCKS5 proxies offer more flexibility than other types of proxies, while also offering greater security features. In cases where users aren’t primarily concerned with protecting their data with encryption, a SOCKS5 proxy may be preferable to a virtual private network, as SOCKS5 proxies are capable of functioning at higher speeds than VPNs.

SOCKS5 Benefits

Circumvent Unjust Online Restrictions

Geo-restrictions can wrongfully limit access to specific websites and services. These digital barriers use your IP address to identify your physical location, and can sometimes mistakenly deny you access if your location isn’t approved. But a SOCKS5 proxy masks your IP address with its server’s IP address, expanding your access online.

Flexible Traffic Compatibility

Other proxies are only built to handle specific types of data. HTTP proxies, for example, only work with HTTPS and HTTP webpages. SOCKS5 proxies are unique, however, because they’re capable of interpreting and working with almost any protocol, any program, and any type of traffic without limit. Additionally, SOCKS5 proxies are ideal for P2P traffic because they can transfer smaller data packets than other types of proxies, resulting in faster download speeds. This means you can increase your security and anonymity no matter what you’re using your SOCKS5 proxy for.

Fewer Errors & Better Performance

Unlike other proxies, SOCKS5 proxy servers don’t rewrite data packet headers. This means SOCKS5 proxies are less likely to mislabel or misinterpret your data, and less likely to route your data to the wrong location. Because SOCKS5 proxies produce far fewer errors than other proxy types, they improve your performance and speed.

Buy datacenter proxies. Дата-центр прокси

Серверные прокси

Сервис и сайт с прокси серверами AstroProxy предлагает купить лучшие резидентные, мобильные и серверные прокси недорого. Нашим пользователям доступна аренда прокси: индивидуальных, анонимных, статических, динамических, с геотаргетингом, выделенных. Также предлагаем попробовать прокси бесплатно.

Купить серверные прокси недорого; этот тип IP-адресов подходит для персональных и бизнес-задач. Серверные (датацентровые, ЦОД, четверки, IPv4) прокси — это IP-адреса виртуальных и физических серверов, находящихся в центрах обработки данных (дата-центров). Этот тип прокси старый, поэтому самый известный и широко предлагаемый рынком. Сайтов с прокси-серверами существуют сотни, поэтому выбор следует делать грамотно. Рекомендуем сначала попробовать прокси бесплатно или недорого и затем взять в аренду, если качество устроило.

Для чего подходят серверные прокси

Помимо того, что купить серверные прокси недорого, они являются и самыми быстрыми (т.к. серверы подключены к быстрым и безлимитным каналам связи). Часто продавцы серверных прокси предоставляют лист с адресами и портами взломанных серверов. Использование подобных листов уже много лет неэффективно. Кроме того, взломанные серверы быстро восстанавливают и прокси становятся недоступны.

Серверные прокси можно оценить по качеству:

  • наличие в черных списках,
  • скоринг IP,
  • продажа нескольким пользователям.

Наличие серверных адресов в черных списках напрямую влияет на качество работы с ними. Вот почему резидентные и мобильные прокси лучшие, ведь черные списки не оказывают на них влияния. При низком скоринге, адреса моментально попадают в бан, вместе с вашими аккаунтами. Чаще всего в черные списки и в листы понижения скоринга IP адреса попадают из-за недобросовестных продавцов, которые продают так называемые элитные, высоко анонимные и индивидуальные прокси нескольким людям, чтобы окупить свои расходы.

В AstroProxy аренда прокси устроена по-другому.

Датацентровые IP от AstroProxy

Все наши IP — это лучшие резидентные, мобильные и серверные прокси. Они трастовые, с высоким скорингом; наши серверы не допускают работы нескольких пользователей с одного IP; мы регулярно проверяем адреса на наличие в черных списках.

Купить серверные прокси у нас означает получить в пользование динамические, самовосстанавливающиеся и управляемые IP. Мы называем их «SmartProxy», т.к. наши алгоритмы проводят тщательное тестирование и отбор адресов перед тем как они попадут на прокси сервер. На нашем сайте вы платите только за трафик и получаете доступ ко всему пулу IP-адресов. С точки зрения цены, ЦОД прокси купить недорого, это самое демократичное предложение в нашей сети. Однако для объемных задач рекомендуем использовать резидентные и мобильные прокси — для сложных задач они лучшие.

Подробнее о том, для каких задач подойдет аренда прокси ЦОД, как купить и настроить их для работы онлайн, читайте в наших статьях и FAQ. Мы отвечаем за качество сети прокси: индивидуальных, анонимных, гео, обновляемых и др.

Бесплатно попробовать прокси серверного типа возможно через техподдержку. Проконсультируйтесь с нашими специалистами во избежание блокировки аккаунтов. Ответим на любые вопросы в мессенджерах — мы всегда рады помочь!

Datacenter proxies free. Best Proxy Server Services and Sites:

Bright Data Datacenter, Residential, Mobile, ISP Proxies195 countries7-Day Free Trial Learn More
IPRoyal Sneak Peaker, Private, Datacenter, 4G mobile Proxies, and Residential ProxiesUSA, UK, Germany, India, and China.30 days money back guarantee Learn More
Proxy-Seller IPv4, IPv6, and mobile22 countries1 day money back guarantee Learn More
ScraperAPI Residential50 countries7-days free trial Learn More
Webshare Dedicated, Rotating, and Residential ISP proxyAustria, Belgium, Canada, China, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, etc.10 proxies for FREE Learn More

provides the most advanced rotating residential proxy service, offering the fastest and largest real-peer IP network in the world.


  • World’s Largest Residential IP Proxy network
  • Worldwide coverage: geo IPs located in almost all countries, city, ASN and carrier
  • Unlimited connections & 24/7 Professional Support in
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Browser extension and powerful Proxy Manager for scraping features
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • 7-day free trial

Key Specs:

Proxy Types: Datacenter, Residential, Mobile, ISP Proxies Network uptime: 99.99% Pricing: $25.00/GB for pay-as-you-go; Monthly/Yearly plans start at $7.65/GB Geographic Coverage: 195 countries IP Pool Size: 75+ million IPs

has its own ethically sourced residential proxy pool of genuine users all over the world. This free proxy service provider offers an easily customizable intuitive dashboard to manage your proxy service.


  • Automatic IP rotation.
  • Varieties of proxy servers to choose from.
  • You can toggle and replace your residential IP proxy automatically.
  • It is one of the best online proxy sites that offer unlimited concurrent sessions.
  • Offers dedicated residential proxies.
  • You can change your IP via the dashboard with a simple click.
  • Multiple locations support.
  • No contracts are required to use proxy service.

Key Specs:

Proxy Types: Sneak Peaker, Private, Datacenter, 4G mobile Proxies, and Residential Proxies. Pricing: Starting at $3/GB. Number of Connections: 8 Geographic Coverage: USA, UK, Germany, India, and China. Concurrency Allowed: Yes IP Pool Size: 2,003,349+

is one of the best proxy server providers offering both IPv4 proxies and the newer IPv6 proxies. It provides great service in terms of location coverage, and its package validity period is quite flexible.


  • Premium proxies for any convenient term.
  • Multifunctional user control panel.
  • It offers good location coverage.
  • Numerous payment methods.
  • Combined discounts and regular promotional offers.
  • Full access data will be sent to an email address within 5 minutes.
  • Support for SOCKS5 and HTTPS protocols.

Key Specs:

Proxy Types: IPv4, IPv6, and mobile. Geographic Coverage: 22 countries Concurrency Allowed: Not specified IP Pool Size: 400 networks Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux. Plans: Price changes as per the country and protocol. Speed:

is a proxy server service that successfully bypasses blocks and CAPTCHAs, delivering you the raw HTML from any page. This proxy website also offers rotating sticky IPs.


  • This free proxy site helps you to scrape any site with JS rendering, geotargeting or residential proxies.
  • Automatically prunes slow proxies from their pools and guarantee unlimited bandwidth.