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Best Datacentre Proxy Services 2022 Which One is best. Smartproxy

08.05.2022 в 02:17

Best Datacentre Proxy Services 2022 Which One is best. Smartproxy

Smartproxy datacenter proxy is one of the best and most trusted datacenter proxies available in the market. It can automatically disable or enable proxy from the websites you visit on the basis of customizable patterns.

Unlike other regular proxies which just escape your original IP address with the other one, Smartproxy conceals your device in the back of a proxy pool.

It has a proxy pool of around 40K USA IP addresses which are passing through mobile and desktop devices.

Now, these proxies shift between themselves in each following session.

If you make an initial search then each following search will get directed via different connections and links. Through this method, you are enabled to make as many requests as you want without getting any identification for suspicious internet acts. While using a smart proxy, you are not required to make changes in the proxy to turn it off and on or change it manually.

The only task you need to perform is to provide information to a smart proxy that you are willing to enable proxy of your selected website and this task is done just with a single click. Moreover, the dashboard of this datacenter proxy is very convenient and user-friendly.

Key Features of Smartproxy Datacenter –

● HTTP(s) and 99.99 % uptime.

● Best 24/7 support in the world.

● Integrate and authenticate into any software.

● Rotating datacenter proxies and extended sticky sessions (30 min) available.

● No IP limits.

● No connection limits.

● Proxy servers in the United States.

Smartproxy Datacenter Pricing

● Clever ($ 50 + VAT per month): Access the entire network for the lowest prices. With this, you get a traffic limit of 100 GB ($ 1 for 1 extra GB) and 1 proxy user limit.

● Smart ($ 100 + VAT per month): Ideal for several projects. With this, you get a traffic limit of 200 GB ($ 0.8 for 1 extra GB) and 3 proxy user limits.

● Wise ($ 200 + VAT per month): Ideal for scraping businesses. With this, you get a traffic limit of 400 GB ($ 0.7 for 1 extra GB) and a 5 proxy user limit.

● Genius ($ 500 + VAT per month): Ideal for businesses with large teams. With this, you get a traffic limit of 1000 GB ($ 0.7 for 1 extra GB) and a 10 proxy user limit.

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Private proxies for sale. Private Proxy Servers

Reliable - Fast - Affordable - Worldwide

Q: Who are we?

A: We are a private proxy service provider. Here at BestProxyAndVPN.com we strive to offer the best proxies available on the internet. We run our own proxies on state of the art dedicated servers hosted in data centers worldwide and we rent proxies to our customers for a fee.

Q: What's the deal with private proxies?

A: Private proxy is a secured HTTP or SOCKS proxy that can be accessed only trough authentication and it is run legit on a dedicated server.

Q: Proxy with dedicated IP: what's that?

A: Dedicated IP proxy is when a proxy has its own static IP that cannot be used by another proxy server or user. That IP is uniquely assigned to the user and can be changed once per every interval of the subscription

Q: Are your proxies private?

A: All of our proxies are private with dedicated IPs and are exclusive - we assign a proxy to only one user at a time, when a proxy has been assigned it can not be used or reassigned to another user for as long as the initial user has it assigned.


Shared dc proxies. A Brief Intro to Datacenter IP Addresses

Let’s start with the basics: what are datacenter proxies ?

Datacenter or DC proxies are basically servers you connect to. They’re used when you need to mask your IP address. In other words, they make you anonymous. To some degree, at least.

Keep in mind that you’ll be sharing the server with other people. It means that somebody will be using the same IP address for who knows what. If you don’t feel like sharing, look into dedicated DC proxies. However, shared ones are more common and… much cheaper.

By the way, DC proxies usually come from web hosting companies. Unlike residential or ISP proxies, they’re not associated with Internet Service Providers (ISP). And that’s the main difference between them.

Though they aren’t very effective anymore, it’s hard to deny that DC proxies have some advantages. Let’s dive right into those, and then I’ll explain exactly how you can use DC proxies.

Here are the main benefits:

  • Datacenter proxies are relatively cheap. To maximize your profits, you need to minimize your expenses and initial investment. Well, duh! Getting the best tools on the market can get expensive, and with a business so unstable, you can’t always afford the risk. That’s why datacenter proxies are so tempting – they’re much cheaper compared to the other options.
  • Who doesn’t like unlimited traffic? That right, DC proxies offer unlimited traffic. Have you ever run out of traffic during an important cop? Then you know how precious this feature is.
  • The speed is outstanding. Back in the day, there were barely any raffles. Most releases were dropping on a first-come-first-served (FCFS) basis. Unlike raffles, FCFS mode requires nothing else but speed. That’s where DC proxies excel. They’re the fastest proxy type there is.

Proxy center. Дата-центр прокси

Серверные прокси

Сервис и сайт с прокси серверами AstroProxy предлагает купить лучшие резидентные, мобильные и серверные прокси недорого. Нашим пользователям доступна аренда прокси: индивидуальных, анонимных, статических, динамических, с геотаргетингом, выделенных. Также предлагаем попробовать прокси бесплатно.

Купить серверные прокси недорого; этот тип IP-адресов подходит для персональных и бизнес-задач. Серверные (датацентровые, ЦОД, четверки, IPv4) прокси — это IP-адреса виртуальных и физических серверов, находящихся в центрах обработки данных (дата-центров). Этот тип прокси старый, поэтому самый известный и широко предлагаемый рынком. Сайтов с прокси-серверами существуют сотни, поэтому выбор следует делать грамотно. Рекомендуем сначала попробовать прокси бесплатно или недорого и затем взять в аренду, если качество устроило.

Для чего подходят серверные прокси

Помимо того, что купить серверные прокси недорого, они являются и самыми быстрыми (т.к. серверы подключены к быстрым и безлимитным каналам связи). Часто продавцы серверных прокси предоставляют лист с адресами и портами взломанных серверов. Использование подобных листов уже много лет неэффективно. Кроме того, взломанные серверы быстро восстанавливают и прокси становятся недоступны.

Серверные прокси можно оценить по качеству:

  • наличие в черных списках,
  • скоринг IP,
  • продажа нескольким пользователям.

Наличие серверных адресов в черных списках напрямую влияет на качество работы с ними. Вот почему резидентные и мобильные прокси лучшие, ведь черные списки не оказывают на них влияния. При низком скоринге, адреса моментально попадают в бан, вместе с вашими аккаунтами. Чаще всего в черные списки и в листы понижения скоринга IP адреса попадают из-за недобросовестных продавцов, которые продают так называемые элитные, высоко анонимные и индивидуальные прокси нескольким людям, чтобы окупить свои расходы.

В AstroProxy аренда прокси устроена по-другому.

Датацентровые IP от AstroProxy

Все наши IP — это лучшие резидентные, мобильные и серверные прокси. Они трастовые, с высоким скорингом; наши серверы не допускают работы нескольких пользователей с одного IP; мы регулярно проверяем адреса на наличие в черных списках.

Купить серверные прокси у нас означает получить в пользование динамические, самовосстанавливающиеся и управляемые IP. Мы называем их «SmartProxy», т.к. наши алгоритмы проводят тщательное тестирование и отбор адресов перед тем как они попадут на прокси сервер. На нашем сайте вы платите только за трафик и получаете доступ ко всему пулу IP-адресов. С точки зрения цены, ЦОД прокси купить недорого, это самое демократичное предложение в нашей сети. Однако для объемных задач рекомендуем использовать резидентные и мобильные прокси — для сложных задач они лучшие.

Подробнее о том, для каких задач подойдет аренда прокси ЦОД, как купить и настроить их для работы онлайн, читайте в наших статьях и FAQ. Мы отвечаем за качество сети прокси: индивидуальных, анонимных, гео, обновляемых и др.

Бесплатно попробовать прокси серверного типа возможно через техподдержку. Проконсультируйтесь с нашими специалистами во избежание блокировки аккаунтов. Ответим на любые вопросы в мессенджерах — мы всегда рады помочь!

High CPM proxies. Let’s talk about the top CPM ad networks of the year 2022 that offer the highest payouts:-


1) UberCPM Ad Network CPM rate can go as high as 10$.
Monthly payout process through Paypal.
Real Time Statistics and Reports for your convenience.
The ads are safe to run along with Google Adsense.
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2) AdsOptimal Payments are made through PayPal and also through Check.
To make your life easier, they have integrated WordPress and Joomla Plugins.
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3) InfoLinks It offers multitude user and SEO friendly ad formats.
There is no minimum requirement of visitors or page viewers.
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4) Adpushup Offers types include both CPM and CPC
Quick setup and easy onboarding
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5) SmartyAds Offers higher CPM rates.
Payment methods are Payoneer and Wire Transfer.
Offers myriad Ads.
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5) PropellerAds Offers high CPM & CPA rates
A great opportunity for you to earn higher revenues
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7) Adbuff Weekly Bonuses.
A highly innovative Real-time dashboard that offers real-time reports.
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8) BuySellAds The ad network offers 75% of the revenue it gets from advertisers.
The ads are also Google Adsense compatible.
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9) AdRecover Offers a perfect balance between UX and Monetization.
Provides a Visitor-friendly Approach.
Their demand partners are some of the largest brands and networks.
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10) Conversant Media The ads are compatible with Google Adsense.
The minimum threshold for payment is only $25.
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11) ActiveRevenue Variety of payment methods: PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney and Wire.
FULL integration with Voluum.

Datacenter proxies

Datacenter proxies

Datacenter proxies (dedicated, IPv4 proxies) are IP addresses of virtual and physical servers, which are housed in datacenters.

It is the oldest and most common type of proxy, and there are scores and hundreds of offers from a variety of datacenter proxy providers. The huge supply puts you at risk of bad choice. To prevent you from making a mistake, we have built our own service and written this post.

Datacenter proxies are the fastest-working and most affordable ones (servers use high-speed and unlimited channels). Many datacenters sell pools of hacked IPs and ports.

The use of such pools proved to be disappointing years ago. Besides, hacked servers are promptly fixed, and proxies become blocked.

It is quite possible to check datacenter proxies for quality (blacklists, poor fraud check results, whether or not a single proxy has been sold to several users).

Blacklists directly affect the quality of service (unlike residential and mobile proxies, whose operation is not influenced by blacklists). Poor fraud check scores send IPs and users’ accounts directly to ban lists.

Mostly, IPs land up in blacklists and poor score lists because of unethical sellers, who sell so called individual or elite proxies to several users at once in an effort to compensate for their expenses.

AstroProxy is entirely different:

We call our datacenter proxies “smart proxies”, because we use algorithms that thoroughly test and select IPs before registering them with a proxy server. Besides, all our proxies are dynamic, self-recovering and manageable. You pay for traffic only and get access to an entire IP pool.

However, if you need to solve specific and complex tasks, we recommend that you use residential and mobile proxies.

If you are okay with datacenter proxies, it is the most attractive offer within the AstroProxy network.

When choosing a type of proxy network, please, weigh all pros and cons. To avoid restrictions and bans, consult our support service prior to using a proxy server.

Just like the whole AstroProxy network, datacenter proxies help today’s business solve all sorts of problems.

You can try and check it for free.

Our support service is always happy to help you using popular messengers, and you can read the most commonly asked questions on the FAQ page.