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Amazon US Bestselling products 2022. Finding the best things to sell on Amazon

09.05.2022 в 05:51

Amazon US Bestselling products 2022. Finding the best things to sell on Amazon

A product being a bestseller is not the only element you need to consider while making a decision. You need to have a fairly good idea about the shipping costs of the products, Amazon FBA fees , durability, and weight of the product to ensure that it is something that can be easily shipped.

Products that cost anywhere from $10 to $50 or a maximum of $100 would be the ideal price range for products that you want to sell. Also, take competition into account and try to find an Amazon niche where the competition is lesser so that your products can stand out too.

A product’s Best Seller Rank (BSR) is an important metric. How? Let’s say you have decided on what products you want to sell. You can then check if similar products are ranking at the top of Amazon’s BSR list. This will show you the potential of your products to attract the buyers of the best-selling products on Amazon that are already ranking.

The “frequently bought together” or “customers also bought” section is one that you should look into along with the bestsellers list. This is so that you can include products that are similar to the most bought items on Amazon thereby driving sales considerably.

You can also use SellerApp’s Chrome extension to identify the average BSR and opportunity to sell in a specific category. The opportunity score of a category will give you information on whether it has good potential to explore in terms of competition, revenue potential, and more.

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    Amazon US Bestselling products 2022. Finding the best things to sell on Amazon

Amazon best Sellers 2022. Step 1: Dig into the Best Sellers list

Test the waters with the Amazon Best Sellers list to see if your idea has potential. The Best Sellers list shows the 100 most popular products on Amazon based on sales and is updated hourly. The list shows what people are buying and can aid your product research.

Look for each product’s Best Seller Rank (BSR) to gauge demand for a given product. To research manually in all departments, type product keywords in the Amazon search bar to get page one results.

A good starting point can be to look in the product listing’s Product Information section, find the product’s BSR, and take detailed notes.

Explore product categories and sub-categories

Do a deep dive into the best-selling categories to identify up-and-coming products, spot opportunities, and analyze patterns in a niche that interests you.

For example, you may start with the Kitchen and Dining category , refine to storage and organization items, then narrow it down even further to travel and to-go containers.

Unlock selling opportunities with a variety of Amazon programs

Play to your strengths and develop your selling strategy with a variety of programs made to support your business model:

  • Protect your brand and unlock a suite of brand-building tools with Brand Registry .
  • Sell handcrafted goods with Amazon Handmade .
  • Offer customizable products with Amazon Custom .
  • Sell pre-owned products with Amazon Renewed .

Explore these and more add-on options as you find your niche. You can also mix and match programs to grow sales and reach even more customers.

Top items to sell on Amazon. Is it Profitable to Sell on Amazon?

In a word, yes! Amazon is already extremely popular and it’s getting even more so each and every day, especially with third-party sellers.

Third-party Amazon sales are growing in number and experiencing continual increases as the years progress. Jeff Bezos sees this increase in third party sales as serious competition to the Amazon first-party products his company sells. The third-party sellers are making legit cash, so much so that Bezos makes a definitive response to the increase in third-party sales , which you’ll see later in the article.

To put the rate of increase in perspective, third-party sellers accounted for 3% of Amazon sales in 1999 whereas this percentage steadily increased and was all the way up to 58% in 2018!

Top items to sell on Amazon. Is it Profitable to Sell on Amazon?

Just by looking at these numbers, it’s easy to see that third-party sellers are doing pretty well with Amazon sales, to say the least. These figures are even more impressive because Amazon first-party sales had increased from $1.6 billion in 1999 to $117 billion in 2018! That’s some big competition to go up against.

Selling your own brand on Amazon is profitable, whether you are an ambitious self-starter who wants to do it on your own or you want to delegate and use the services of others. You can choose to handle the shipping, customer service duties, and other roles yourself or sign up for Amazon FBA and let the Amazon team handle all of the finer details of the sale.

If you don’t already know about Amazon FBA, you should look into it as this option makes it even easier to sell on Amazon. Fulfillment by Amazon lets you hand off the duties to a knowledgeable team. To keep shipping costs down, you should compare Amazon fulfillment fees with major third party logistic companies.

You’ll learn how you can maximize your profitability as an Amazon seller as you read through the following content.