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9+ Best Amazon Analytics Tools for Amazon FBA Sellers 2022. The 15 Best Amazon Seller Tools for FBA in 2022

27.04.2022 в 17:23

9+ Best Amazon Analytics Tools for Amazon FBA Sellers 2022. The 15 Best Amazon Seller Tools for FBA in 2022

Which are the best tools and resources currently available for Amazon sellers?

With so many Amazon seller tools now available, it can be confusing. Which tools will have a real impact on your FBA business or help you get started?

The best way to answer this is to look at the tools we actually use ourselves to build and run a successful Amazon business over the last 15 years .

So whether you are looking for online arbitrage tools, retail arbitrage tools, or tools for doing private label research, we’ve got you covered.

You can be assured that these are the best tools for Amazon sellers currently available and will help you succeed with FBA.

The Best Amazon Selling Tools Are:

  1. Helium 10

Amazon FBA Product Research Tools

Helium 10

Helium 10 is currently one of the best tools for Amazon sellers available. We recommend every seller should try out this powerful suite of Amazon FBA tools.

The range of tools included with Helium 10 will help sellers find profitable products, optimize listings, research keywords, run PPC campaigns, and manage your day-to-day Amazon business efficiently.

You can now use a majority of the Helium 10 tools for free –.

Helium 10 Full Review: Helium 10 Review & 50% Discount Code

Helium 10 Free Trial: You can get a free Helium 10 account here:.


Jungle Scout helps Amazon sellers launch quality products, find the best suppliers, research keywords, estimate sales, and perform competitor research.

We highly recommend it and you can see all the awesome tools included by.

Jungle Scout Discount Code :

Jungle Scout Full Review: Jungle Scout Review & 60% Discount Code

Everyone can use the FREE Jungle Scout Sales Estimator to get monthly sales volume for any product being sold on Amazon –

is fairly similar to. It comes with the AMZScout chrome extension and the AMZScout web app, which both offer similar functionality to thetools.

AMZScout also offer their ‘ Amazon Sellers Bundle ‘ which includes the ‘AMZScout Sellers’ Course’, Webapp, Chrome extension, keyword explorer, and more – take a look at what’s included here –.

AMZScout now works in 9 Amazon marketplaces, including the USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and India. We recommend AMZScout and you can.

AMZScout Free Trial: To get your free trial of the AMZScout Pro Extension,.

Heliu. The Helium 10 Dashboard

Once you’re registered, you’ll be inside the Helium 10 dashboard. It’s a bit overwhelming at first, but you’ll notice a top bar, a left sidebar, and blocks of tool information in the center of the page.

We want to make your workflow as easy as possible, so we’ve arranged things to coincide with your Amazon selling journey. The left sidebar will bring you to the seller tool, you’re looking for.

  • Product Research – Including Black Box, Helium 10’s premier product hunting tool for Amazon and niche discovery tool.
  • Keyword Research – Including Cerebro, our reverse ASIN lookup tool . Amazon keyword research is the key to ranking on page one of Amazon search results… you’ll want to keep Cerebro handy at all times.
  • Listing Optimization – Home to Scribbles, perhaps the easiest to use Amazon listing optimizer ever created.
  • Operations – This is where you’ll find Alerts, the Amazon product protection tool that monitors your listing 24/7 to detect (and help prevent) product counterfeiting.
  • Analytics – Profits serves as your headquarters for maintaining the one metric Amazon sellers care about most. You guessed it… your profits.
  • Marketing – Home of Adtomic, Helium 10’s NEW Amazon advertising platform specifically designed to maximize ROI and minimize wasted time.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to go through every single tool in order. But they’re always there if you need them.

You might also focus on certain tools more than others, or ignore certain tools outright.

That’s the beauty of it! Helium 10’s tools adapt to your needs, not the other way around.

BONUS : Have you downloaded the Helium 10 App yet? It’s the perfect way to get all the data you need about your Amazon FBA business right at your fingertips.

Now since this is the quick start guide, we’re not going to get too in-depth about the purposes of each tool. We’ll move on to what else you’ll need to get started with Helium 10, but if you’d like a more detailed rundown of each tool in the flow, see the summary page here.

Best Product Research Tools for Amazon. 10 Best Amazon Product Research Software Tools: 2022

Last updated on January 18th, 2022 at 06:40 am

Researching for a product to sell on Amazon, is all about analyzing current market trends to choose an item that can generate high sales. Basically what you are trying to do is to search for a product that you can get for less cost & yet sell at competitive prices with a good profit margin. It is not surprising that most people who look into FBA will never start unless they find a product with low competition & also which is high in demand. Going through the steps, first, you need to list the best selling products on Amazon, select the ones you would like to sell. Then, do thorough research & see if similar items are generating enough sales. This step is crucial because you will never want to sell items that people are not even looking for. After you have made a list of potentially profitable products, you need to dig deep & analyze their statistics like sales, reviews, keyword search volume, & similar products, etc.

To be successful in selling a product on Amazon , you need to keep in mind the following things:

Best Product Research Tools for Amazon. 10 Best Amazon Product Research Software Tools: 2022

  • Products not Dependent on Seasons : Go for products that aren’t seasonal & can sell all year
  • No legal problems: Avoid products that have any trademark or legal issues.
  • Higher Price per unit : Products with low prices have smaller margins & thus should be avoided unless you are assured of volume.
  • Lightweight & small : These types of products lead to lower shipping costs reduced storage & other logistical costs & thus improve margins.
  • Product with a USP : Choose a product that can perform better than your competitors, this increases the chances of making more revenue.

Product research can be tedious if done manually, here are a few tools to make your life easier

10 Best Amazon Product Research Software Tools: 2022

Here is a detailed listing of the top 10 best Amazon product research software tools for online sellers.

1. Helium 10:Best Amazon Product Research Software Tool

Black Box is a powerful Amazon product research tool that uses smart advanced filters & strategic data to help sellers find new product ideas based on their exact needs. They can easily analyze the average sales volume, price, weight, & competition of any product on Amazon , allowing you to complete hours worth of product research work in seconds. The results can also be saved & sorted into different lists to keep them for future use. It is far quicker & simpler than any other similar tool on the market.

Features :

  • Keyword Tracker – This tool allows you to simply keep a log of the changes that you have actually made right in your marketing & optimization efforts.
  • Alerts – This hijacker alert lets you keep track of anyone barging in your site.


Discount Codes :

Check here the various Helium 10 discounts & coupons offered to benefit sellers who have a growing business

ARBITRAGEINFO50 / get 50% off your first month of Helium 10.

ARBITRAGEINFO10 / get 10% off every month.

2. Jungle Scout:Top Amazon Product Research Software Tool

Jungle Scout is a tool that enables you to analyze & sort through the long list of Amazon products in order to discover which ones will be the most profitable & help you achieve a steady flow of income from your business. “Average Daily Sales”, “Average Sales Rank”, “Average Selling Price”, “Average Reviews”, & “Opportunity Score” will suggest if a niche is worth entering. These numbers offer you a good idea of competitiveness & demand & will help you determine if more research should be done, or if a different product should be found.


  • Single User Account
  • Daily & Monthly Sales
  • Monthly Revenue
  • Category & Seller Ranking
  • Historical Sales & Pricing
  • Estimated FBA Fees
  • Product Opportunity Score
  • Listing Quality Score


The effective product research tool added to the Chrome browser is a risk-free extension with14-day money-back guarantee. Accurate Amazon product research data added to your Chrome browser at $39 billed monthly.

Signup with this Jungle Scout link to avail exclusive offers (only for Arbitrageinfo readers).

3. Sellics:Best Amazon Product Research Software Tool

Sellics started off as a commercial analytics company in Germany in 2014 that just used to have a keyword tracker. Now they have created different versions of the software to accommodate businesses of all sizes comprising all tools that are needed to be a successful Amazon seller .

Sonar tool. Sonar Systems: All You Need to Know

Sonar systems have many applications.This guide explains all you need to know about sonar systems, including using sonar for tunnel inspections, search and recovery missions, and more.

The video above is an example of how sonar can help with underwater target identification and navigating toward it. Sonar is often the favourite tool in the toolkit for those that work underwater. Utilizing sonar is more of an art than science in many cases, so it can be frustrating for those initially exposed to it. It is a powerful option to have though as it can provide position information, context for the environment around you, and imaging capabilities in even the murkiest water.

There are different types of sensors that utilize acoustic technology:

  • Echosounders / Altimeters
  • Mechanical Scanning (CHIRP, Sector Scanning)
  • Doppler Velocity Logs
  • Ultra Short Baseline Positioning
  • Side Scan Sonars
  • 2D Imaging Sonars
  • 3D Imaging Sonars

These technologies all serve different purposes. This article focuses on how sonars help with underwater inspections and surveys.

Sonars help with:

  • Navigation in Murky Water or Large, Open Spaces
  • Identification of Key Targets
  • Helping measure features such as sediment levels or defect size
  • Situational awareness

Underwater applications for sonar include:

  • Bathymetric Surveys
  • Pipeline Inspections
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal & Mine Countermeasures
  • Search and Recovery
  • Marine Salvage
  • Infrastructure Inspections
  • Offshore Wind Installation Support Surveys
  • Ocean Science, Discovery, & Academic Research

Since GPS does not work underwater and getting good quality imagery with just a camera can be a challenge, especially in murky water, sonar is an excellent technology for anyone with underwater work to understand and utilize.

Amazon Seller app. Description

Manage your Amazon business on the go with Amazon Seller! Analyze your sales, fulfill orders, find products to sell, manage offers, inventory and returns, and quickly respond to customer questions. Capture and edit professional quality product photos and create listings right from your mobile device!
The Amazon Seller app helps you:
- Analyze your sales. View sales over time and sales growth. Drill down into sales at a product-level. Tap the bars on the Sales Chart to see sales broken down by product. Then tap on a product to view the sales trend for it.
- Fix critical issues. Quickly act on critical pricing opportunities, inventory alerts and growth opportunities from Amazon Selling Coach.
- Manage your inventory. Access product-level inventory and pricing details. Make pricing changes, view fees, and see competitive offers. Make MFN quantity changes or view FBA inbound or status statistics.
- Access Sponsored Products. Monitor performance and manage existing Sponsored Products campaigns.
- Manage your orders. Get notified when your product sells. View your pending orders and confirm shipments.
- Manage your returns. Authorize or deny returns, issue refunds, and modify returns settings.
- Respond to messages. Numbers that appear next to Communications inform you of how many customer messages await a response. Use customizable email templates to reply even faster to common customer inquiries.
- Capture and edit professional quality product photos using the Photo Studio.
- Create new offers to existing products and create new catalog products to sell on Amazon.
- Find new products to sell. Search with visual image match, text search or scanning bar codes. Check current prices, sales rank, competing offers, estimated profitability, and customer reviews.
- Share the app with your team and have more attention on your business. User permissions set on Seller Central also apply in the app.
- Have a question about selling on Amazon? Use the app to contact Seller Support.
By using this app, you agree to Amazon’s Conditions of Use (www.amazon.co.uk/conditionsofuse). Please see our Privacy Notice (www.amazon.co.uk/privacynotice), our Cookies Notice (www.amazon.co.uk/cookies) and our Interest-Based Ads Notice (www.amazon.co.uk/interestbasedads).

Amazon Seller Tools. Impressions from Our Clients

Seller.Tools has become a foundational tool for our company. We love that we can now rely on just one tool for keyword data and the accuracy is unparalleled.

Alex Upperman

Co-Founder, Zhou Nutrition

The most crucial tool for an Amazon seller in today’s competitive landscape – a must have! We just had our first coaching session with Gina, and we were blown away! Seller.Tools gives you so much power, it can even be a little intimidating. The customer success team gave concise, actionable feedback and put our team at ease. We came away with a clear action plan to execute on. I highly recommend both the Seller.Tools platform and their coaching services.

Kevin Rizer

Private Label Movement, Founder

Now Seller.Tools is a MUST-HAVE for my team when it comes to building brand new listings and on-going keyword optimization.

Tom Wang

Co-founder, EcomHub.com

We selected Seller.Tools and we are even helping our clients get on board because we see how having accurate data and stopping the guessing game can help an Amazon business.

Steve Patenaud

Owner, Palacomm

Seller.Tools is hands down, the best keyword research tool out there. Better than Helium 10, in my opinion – it’s got several extremely accurate, constantly-updated data points that you can’t beat. Even though Amazon itself is always changing, I love that Seller.Tools is always innovating 3 steps ahead of anyone else. They’re flexible and prepared to meet any challenge Amazon throws our way.

Steven Hou

Amazon Seller

Every tool I need to maximize my brand presence on Amazon is finally all in one place!

Keywords for Amazon. What Are Amazon Backend Keywords?

Amazon backend keywords are something that most sellers fail to overlook when they start to sell on amazon fba .

Some sellers don’t fully comprehend the way it works or even knows if something like this even exists.

Most sellers think of Amazon only as a massive selling platform. Therefore, sellers assume that to become successful, Amazon product listings should revolve only around:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Aesthetics

Of course, these two aspects are vital and play a key role in ranking your products on the Amazon SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

But as said earlier, Amazon is also a popular search engine, and most sellers fail to understand that. As far as any search engine is considered, using appropriate keywords helps the pages to gain more visibility to their target audience.

Amazon backend keywords are usually “hidden” keywords, which can only be used from the backend part of your Seller Account.

The concept is to provide Amazon with extra details about a product listing. Think of these as a website’s “ HTML tags ,” which cannot be seen. Amazon backend keywords aren’t physically visible to people viewing an Amazon page. However, their influence to help a product listing to rank organically is tremendous, given that you have formatted them properly.

Backend keywords have their purpose. They work like HTML tags and are commonly referred to as “meta tags.”

Meta tags are code snippets that websites use extensively to get higher search visibility. Amazon backend keywords And meta tags pretty much serve the same purpose.

They help in informing and confirming with Amazon’s A9 algorithm that a product listing is going with a particular keyword.

Yet another vital factor for a product listing is the “aesthetics.” A few years back, sellers would stuff keywords, excessively on the description and title, and further, make them virtually unreadable. This was called “cloaking.”

Though it did work in ranking the keywords but served no purpose in providing a great user experience. However, just practices are no longer used and even if you do, you will only be hit by a big “penalty.”

Consider this, Amazon offers the option of backend keywords, where sellers can include other keyword variations apart from the main (or primary) keyword.

Say, for instance, if you are selling plus-size clothing for women , then you would use “plus size clothing” as your targeting keyword, right?

But there might be people who would search for big-size clothing or clothing for obese women .

So, how can you include these keywords?

This is where the backend keyword section comes in handy.